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QSR POS: Quick Serve Demo Video

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iPad POS: As Seen in QSR Magazine

Revel Systems is the best POS solution for quick service, and the most robust iPad point of sale solution on the market. View the QSR Demo.


Quick Service POS Screen

Our award-winning software is secure, powerful, & feature rich.

  • Do you want to protect yourself, and your customers, from data theft? Revel is Secure and PCI compliant. Your customers’ credit cards will never be compromised, and in the unfortunate event that your iPad is stolen, Revel can track it and lock it from unauthorized use.
  • Is your system powerful enough? Revel is Powerful and robust enough for your enterprise-level business, with features such as Mobile Device Management, and Inventory Reports. It can handle thousands of items, and manage multiple locations with ease and efficiency.
  • Does your POS have all the features you need and want? Revel turns your POS into a Feature-Rich tool, giving you everything you need and want to run your business. This includes the ability to work offline and have an integrated loyalty program.
  • Do you have all the information necessary? Revel offers a suite of Intelligent Reporting, with modules that include payroll management and in-depth sales reports. Get all the information you need to monitor your business and ensure maximum profitability.
  • Is your POS versatile? Revel’s Open API allows you to customize your point of sale, so you can tailor your POS to your individual business needs. Hire a developer to help you customize your POS through the open API. Explore the Revel marketplace, which gives you the ability to integrate with payment, accounting, and social media applications, turning your POS into an effective and versatile tool.