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Product Management Guide

Release 1520

Release 1520 brings the first stage of Revel’s new Product Management system. This guide will help you understand the changes and the new functionalities to the Revel Point of Sale.

Revel Systems Release Notes

Product Management for a Single Establishment
The Main Page

Main Page Estamblishment

When you go to the Products page, you will immediately notice the new system. The category and subcategory dropdowns are gone, replaced by a tree structure that represents your entire product list. At first glance you will see your category list. Click the “+” next to a category to display its subcategories. Click the “+” next to a subcategory and you will see all the products in that subcategory.

Editing and Creation
You can edit existing categories, subcategories and products by clicking on the value you want to change and typing in your edits.

Create new categories, subcategories and products by clicking “+Add Category”, “+Add Subcategory” or “+Add Product”.

Once you are done with all your edits on the Product list, press the save icon at the upper right corner of the page.

Other actionsYou may choose to alphabetise the contents of a subcategory, category or all categories by clicking the A-Z icon. Note, this does not currently change sort order in the POS, but will re-arrange the products, subcategories or categories alphabetically on screen for easier viewing.

Each product has a number of icons associated to it. Icons include:

Recipe "R" Icon

The “R” is for Recipes
You can add or edit the ingredients used for the product by clicking on the “R” icon. If the product has ingredients already assigned, this icon will be dark blue.

Modifiers "M" Icon

The “M” is for Modifiers
You can add or edit the modifiers available for the product by clicking on the “M” icon. If the product has modifiers, this icon will be dark blue.

Modifier Copy "MM" Icon

The “MM” icon is for Copying product modifiers to other products

You can copy the modifiers from one product to others by clicking on the “MM” icon. On the left, select the Product Modifier class you want to copy. Then, click the settings and/or modifiers you want to push to other products. The selected settings and modifiers will turn blue. If you want to push all settings and modifiers, use the “Select All” checkbox. On the right, the product tree allows you to pick the products to copy the modifiers to. Once you are done, click “Copy” at the bottom of the page. You will receive an email when the process is completed.

Inventory Clipboard Icon

The Clipboard with a Checkbox icon is for Inventory
You can add or edit your product’s inventory by clicking on the Clipboard with a Checkbox icon. The Inventory page is still in the original menu style.

Product Copy Double Square Icon

The Double Square Icon is Product Copy
You can create an exact copy of a product by clicking the Double Square Icon. Once selected you will be asked to edit the name of the product and give it a unique barcode and SKU.

Product Details Pencil Icon

The Pencil Icon is Product Details
You can edit the details for your Category, Subcategory or Product by selecting the Pencil Icon. See detailed description of this page below in the Product Details section.

Product Details

Product Details Basic Settings

The product details page has been completely updated, though the functionality is essentially the same. When you click details on a product, you will open into a page with a settings tree on the left and the basic settings expanded on the right.

If you wish to edit a setting that is not currently displayed, simply navigate to it in the tree and select it. When you change a setting, the field will turn blue with a blue arrow to the right. To undo a change, click the blue arrow and the setting will return to its original value.

Changed Setting

Changing a Setting
To see all the settings you have edited, click the “View Changed Settings” box at the top of the page.

Changed Settings Only

View Changed Settings Only
When you have made all your changes, click the Confirm button. At any time, you can navigate back into the product tree by clicking the appropriate field in the blue bar.

Product Modifiers

Product Details Modifiers

Product Modifiers are now included with the Product details. There is no need to navigate to a different page to manage them.

Click the “Modifiers” heading in the settings tree, and it will expand to display a list of each of your modifier classes. There is an “M” icon next to modifier classes currently used on Revel’s product.

Make your change on the right side of the window. Input the settings (number free, maximum number, etc.) for the modifier class at the top of the section. Then, select which modifiers from the class are available to the product and if they should be selected by default on the product.