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Atlas 1520 | Display 1540 | KDS 286


The Revel team is proud to announce the release of Atlas 1520, together with supporting changes in the KDS and Display. Revel will be upgrading Management Consoles to 1520. It will be Revel’s new go-to version, replacing 1515 on the Revel Dashboard.

Revel Systems Release Notes


KDS Bump Function
Revel now supports a KDS bump function. You can set up kitchen view flows on the Management Console. The product gets sent to the first view in the flow. When it is marked as done on the flow, it moves on to the second view and so forth. This is designed for kitchens that run an assembly line – one station adds the bread, the next piles on the meat and the final station picks the veggies.

Kitchen Display Bump function

Rewards for Visits and Sales
Revel customers can now set up Rewards for X-number of visits or X-number of Sales, instead of just points connected to items. These rewards are Order Level discounts (please note you can only have one at a time. If you have earned both, you get to choose which you want to redeem); and all of Revel’s fancy new code linking customers and their cards works for too. If you manage a card, Revel will display data for each kind of reward you offer. Currently, you still can only manually add or remove the traditional rewards points.

Rewards for Visits and Sales

iPhone/iPod Barcode Scanner
You no longer need to buy a bluetooth scanner to use the mobile inventory app. Just tap “Scan with Camera”, zap the product’s barcode with the phone’s camera and Revel does the rest. This feature works great with the Revel Inventory Management Console.

Scan barcodes with iPhone or iPod Touch

Use iPhone camera to scan barcodes to the Revel POS Systems

Major Enhancements

Alphabetized Call Names
Call Names are now alphabetised. Also, if you input a new call name, Revel will retain it only once, but will retain it until you reinstall the Revel application on the iPad.

Rewards Cards Redeem/Load Points
If you have a customer with a rewards card attached to an order, Revel will offer to redeem rewards (if any) or load points.

Refunds & Adjustment Window Update
Revel updated the Refunds and Adjustment windows. The new format makes it quick and easy to apply refunds to particular checks and payments, and also increases particular checks if you add items.

iPP350 & Bar Tabs
The iPP350 now supports bar tab (and table) preauthorisation for Mercury. Bars running Mercury can be Chip and Pin. Debit and EBT are not supported with bar tab pre-auth.

Auto-Populate Phone Number / Email & New Customer
When you create a new customer we will automatically fill in the phone number and email (assuming they exist) into the first address record.

Held Tills
You can now Hold Tills. Rather than closing the Till, select to open it, take away the cash drawer to count it and then return to close the till when things are quiet. You can also perform Payouts and Cashdrops on the held till.

Refund Confirmation
The “Do You Want to Refund?” window now displays the amount that you would be refunding. It also takes into account discounts and taxes.

Donations Update
The latest round of enhancements to our Donation App is available. You can suppress all references to prices (by Management Console setting) including all the financial summary data below the order and all balance information on the Payment page. Order total information is also gone from the signature screen.

Voids & Split-Bills Update
It is now much clearer to void items out of quantities when you have split bills.

Index & QR codes Support
Our integration with Index now includes support for QR code based loyalty.

Auto Gratuity & Partial Payments Update
Revel asks how much of the payment you made is auto-gratuity. This applies to the following payment providers: Mercury, USAePay, Moneris, Tyro, Adyen, Qwest and Credit+. Please look forward to other payment providers to be added in future release notes.

Photo-Clock-In Update
Revel now saves your Photo-Clock-In (for 3 months) to the Management Console where you can access them on Time Worked.

Freedom Pay & Debit Support
Freedom Pay now supports Debit.

3 Finger Swipe & Support Ticket
Swipe 3 fingers down the screen (over the order, not the menu) of 1520 and an email form populates (with automatic screenshot) ready to be filled in and sent to support for a ticket.

Redirected Printers Status Indicators
The Pin Screen will show a count of redirected printers.

ApplePay & Mercury Payments
Revel supports ApplePay if you use Mercury. Please await updates with ApplePay and supported hardware.

Reservations & Past Appointments Update
The Revel iPad Point of Sale populates data on past appointments. Access details on all previous appointments.

Ayden Verifone VX820 PinPad Support
Support for the new Adyen Verifone VX820 PinPad is complete. This device can be used across Europe.

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