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Management Console Notes

Release 1520


The Revel team is proud to announce the 1520 Management Console release. An iOS upgrade is available for those who wish to take advantage of all Enhancements. Revel will be upgrading all Management Consoles to 1520; replacing 1515 on the Revel Dashboard.

Revel Systems Release Notes


Product Management
Revel is proud to announce the release of Product Management through EMS. Revel has implemented the first phase of the Menu into EMS functionality. This means an entirely new UI has been created within the EMS settings. Revel is using the new UI both in the EMS and in the Establishment. You will notice that there are no more sections for creating “Categories” or “Subcategories”. Everything is now created in the Product Tree. For a full walk-through please refer to the Product Management Guide.

Current Features

  • The Menu Tree, including Category, Subcategory and Quick Item Creation
  • Product Details
  • Product Modifiers including copy

Upcoming Features

  • Modifier Creation
  • Product Recipes
  • Product Inventory
  • All other pages on the Menu

All the functionalities from when EMS was first introduced still apply – the only difference is toggling between old and new UI elements.

“Master Child Locking” has been removed completely and is now part of the EMS tool. You can lock any individual value from editing on the EMS.

The Product Management Menu operates by linking products from one establishment to another. This is a simple process if your products have identical barcodes or were previously linked through “Master Child”. If you are setting up your product offerings for the first time you can use the link feature on EMS. The link feature is similar to the merge feature located under the “Employees” tab. Instead of merging products the link feature connects them to one parent product. Edits made to the parent products in the EMS will automatically apply to all linked child products. Please reach out to our support team to take advantage of this feature.

Digital Menu Boards
Digital Menu Boards (DMB) have been completely redesigned and incorporated into the Revel Dashboard with multiple improvements. Establishment owners can create and configure their DMB’s themselves on the Management Console. Revel offers multiple board options to choose from: full-page image, 2-column layout, 3-column layout or 8 tiles layout.

The boards are dynamic with animated page swap and display live data from menu and inventory, including custom menus and up to date pricing. A “Semi Offline Mode” is supported. The board requires Internet connection for board start up (or when the board configuration is changed on the backend). Each board is an HTML page. Any device with a browser and Internet connection can display a DMB. For the Samsung Smart TV, Revel designed a dedicated application. Simply download the app from the Samsung app store and the app simplifies configuration, display and restart of DMB on the TV.

Digital Menu Board with 3 columns Digital Menu Board with single image

Digital Menu Boards with 2 Columns Digital Menu Boards grid of 8

Product Mix Makeover
The Product Mix report has been given a substantial makeover. All the checkboxes that allow you to see granular data have been organised functionally in a special section (click the pencil icon located below the graphs). Several new options have been added including the ability to view order discounts and taxes assessed against products.

Product Mix Update

Web Appointments
Customers can schedule appointments online with businesses that use Revel’s reservations system. They can login via Facebook or create a profile on the web portal (links can be embedded into the client’s web site). Assuming customers provide a valid phone number, Revel will send them an SMS notification. Note: In order to take advantage of this feature you need to be set up with Twilio.

Schedule Appointments for Salons and Spas

Discounts for Online Ordering
Revel Online Ordering now supports discounts. Auto Apply and Discount code based discounts work. The exceptions are discount levels, brand level discounts and discounts targeted at specific classes, products or groups.

Discounts for Online Ordering'

Major Enhancements

Labour Reports & Role/Dept. Filter
You can now filter your Labour Report by Role or Department. If you want to know how much the Front of House costs and brings in versus the Back, Revel will tell you.

Low Stock Threshold Emails
Tired of getting numerous low stock threshold emails every day? If so, you can elect to receive one giant email at the start of the reporting day instead. Set this where you input your address to receive the emails.

Role/Department Filter & Scheduling Update
Revel can also display and/or filter Time Worked, Time Sheets and Payroll by role or department. This is a very powerful employee management tool so play around with it.

Photo Clock-In Update
You will be able to view all clock-in photos by clicking on the appropriate shift in Time Worked. Revel will save photos for 3 months.

Auto Generate Barcodes & UPC-A Compliance
The barcodes created during auto barcode generation are now UPC-A compliant; meaning they have checksums and can be printed and scanned without configuring settings on the barcode scanner.

New Gift Card Report
Revel offers a new Gift Card Report with a new UI design.

Daily Sales Summary Report
You can now get the Daily Sales Summary report (in Excel, CSV or PDF) emailed to you.

Paychex & New Export Type
Revel has created a special export file for customers who use Paychex. Click the “Export to Paychex” box on Timesheet Rules and you will be able to download a report that easily uploads into Paychex.

Appointments Management Permission
There is a new Appointments Management permission in the Roles and Permissions table. This permission allows you to manage appointments.

Rewards By Visits/Sales Settings
The settings to support Rewards by Visits and Rewards by Sales are in. Simply input how many visits or how much sales and the size of the reward you will get. See the 1520 Customer Facing Release Notes for more details.

Bump Functionality (KDS)
Revel is adding a ‘Bump’ function to the KDS in 1520. Provide your kitchen flow a name and then select the associated KDS. You can assign kitchen flows to items. If you have an updated KDS, items can move from one KDS to the next. To set up kitchen flows, please reach out to Revel’s Support team.

Xero & Current Assets Update
Payment accounts are now created as “Current Assets” instead of “Sales” in Xero.

Inactive Employees & Management-Console
Revel did quite a bit of work to clarify what it means to be an inactive employee. You now have the option to inactivate an employee from a single establishment or all establishments within a brand.

QuickBooks Online & Payments Update (US customers only)
Revel can send Credit Card and PayPal payments to QuickBooks Online separately.

Base Roles & New Employee Creation
Revel cleaned up the new Base Role that exists when you create a new employee at the Establishment level (as opposed to the EMS). The base role allows you to immediately link the new employee to the current establishment.

iZettle Payment Processor
Settings for the new credit card processor, iZettle are now available. iZettle uses chip and pin, like Adyen, but does not yet support refunds.

New Tills Reports Update
The tills reports have been redesigned to look similar to other reports with the rows differentiated by colour. Hold Tills Functionality Revel updated the Tills Report to accommodate the new ability to Hold Tills. This comes down to a new set up field on who held the till and when.