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The wireless Revel iPad POS Keyboards give you the freedom to type wherever you’d like. Touch screens are certainly intuitive, but are not accessible to the visually impaired. In our goal to empower all types of business owners, we’re paired a bluetooth keyboard with the iPad. The Apple Bluetooth Keyboard connects to Revel’s Accessibility App which allows for full access to the iPad Point of Sale.

Apple keyboard

Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

The Apple Bluetooth Keyboard is wireless, so you’re free to type where you like. Text to Speech commands allow visually impaired users to known which operations they complete. PIN numbers can be entered into the keyboard, rather than sacrificing confidentiality and exchanging verbally with employees. The Apple Bluetooth Keyboard also interacts seamlessly with the Revel Management Console.

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Revel's hardware and service leasing program
from Apple Financial Services

Revel is now offering a more flexible payment program for customers. The lease program will reduce upfront costs for customers purchasing POS solutions through an extended payment plan.

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