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Caller ID Device

Caller ID allows for Auto creation of an order when a customer calls in, Reduced wait times because knowing where to deliver to and to whom immediately saves user input. Caller tracking allows you to discover which returning customers are calling in.

whozz-calling-2-for POS

Whozz Calling ID for Revel POS

Whozz Calling ID allows you to identify a customer’s record before answering a call. This devices enables employees to review caller information before responding. ¬†When a customer calls in your Apple iPad Point of Sale will display the customer calling on the Revel POS along with name, phone information. ¬†Revel’s Caller ID even allows you to pull up information about the caller before you pickup the phone.

Revel's hardware and service leasing program
from Apple Financial Services

Revel is now offering a more flexible payment program for customers. The lease program will reduce upfront costs for customers purchasing POS solutions through an extended payment plan.

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