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iPad POS | How To Choose A POS Platform

How To Choose A POS Platform

So you’re interested in buying a Point Of Sale platform for your business? Navigating this space can be time consuming, and without the proper recourses, overwhelming. If you’re feeling this, you are not alone because a report by Brother International Corporation and non-profit SCORE revealed that 64 percent of small...

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iPad POS | training

Training Tips For Staff: How To Use Revel POS

Training is Key Your business depends on your staff. To avoid any customer or employee confusion at the Point of Sale, ensure that your staff is well trained. From the payment flow to opening and closing up shop – make sure your staff can process more transactions in less time,...

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iPad POS | Revel University

Introducing Revel University

We are very excited to unveil our latest customer experience project, Revel University, an online onboarding and training video platform available to all customers. The website features a repository of quick training videos that capture everything a customer needs to know in order to get up and running with Revel....

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iPad POS | menu

Revel POS 101: Building a Menu

Building a menu that is effective and efficient is incredibly important. An inefficient menu leads to confusion at the Point-of-Sale, costing you money, increasing wait time, and hurting customer satisfaction. Whether your menu is seasonal, price-fixed, static, or a little bit of everything – it is important to deploy an...

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iPad POS | staff

Generate More Sales With Less Staff

We’ve seen a changing landscape in the foodservice and retail industry; labour costs are gradually increasing, automated technology is becoming less expensive, and customers are becoming more technologically sophisticated. This leaves opportunity for businesses to differentiate themselves in the market and maintain their labour costs. The catalyst to this new...

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iPad POS | 2.25

What’s New? 5 Exciting Features From Revel 2.25

Revel is excited to announce the release of Revel version 2.25! We’ve unleashed a number of enhancements and improvements to your iPad POS, Management Console, and eCommerce. As your platform updates roll out, we wanted to highlight five key features from the 2.25 release. 1. Brand New POS User Interface...

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iPad POS | business crises

4 Business Crises & How To Avoid Them With A POS

Prepping for Business Crises Businesses are vulnerable to a number of consequential situations. From power outages to theft and data breaches, business crises happen. Your business could be at risk of critical loss or even irreparable damage. The good news is this doesn’t have to be the case. You can...

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iPad POS | staffing management

Revel POS 101: Answering Your Staffing Management Questions

Staffing Management and What You Need to Know Effective staffing is critical to the success of your business. From hiring the right employees for the right positions to controlling labour costs, Revel has the reporting capabilities to help you make the most out of your staff (and keep them happy)....

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iPad POS | increase revenue

Revel POS 101: Ways To Increase Revenue

Quick Tips to Help Increase Revenue There are a number of ways to increase revenue streams; two common ways include deploying an online ordering system and mobile app for your business. So even if you’ve successfully implemented these features, there are still a number of opportunities you can leverage to...

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