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iPad POS | A night of Revelry Thank You

A Night of Revelry Recap

A Night of Revelry was a smashing success, and we at Revel Systems would like to extend a special thank you to our sponsors, and to everyone who attended the event. You all made A Night of Revelry a night to remember! In particular, we would like to thank our...

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iPad POS | Personalized data on Revel POS

Personalised Data

Personalised data is gaining traction in our already tech-oriented society. One such trend is in fitness data tracking-with devices such as Fitbit or the Nike FuelBand. These wearable devices track how many steps you take, calories you burn and distance you go in the course of a day. This data...

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iPad POS | Printed or Emailed Receipts

Receipts: Printed or Emailed?

Receipts can come in different shapes and sizes, and as mobile commerce increases, this is no longer limited to the size and type of the paper. Now many merchants have the option of offering printed or emailed receipts-some offer both, while others choose one option. Are there benefits to offering...

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iPad POS | upgrade your system before the expiration of windows xp or you will fall out of pci compliance

The End of Windows XP Could be the End for Your POS System

Will your point of sale system be ready for the end of Windows XP? Microsoft has announced that Windows XP will reach the end-of-life on April 8th 2014. The retirement of XP means Microsoft will stop providing support services to customers, such as security patch updates. Without updates, POS systems running XP...

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iPad POS | Gluten Intolerance Icon with Revel logo

Know Your Customers: Gluten Intolerance & Your Restaurant

Food allergies are on the rise—now more than ever, restaurant patrons with food allergies need to be aware of what they eat. Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance are especially prevalent, and many restaurants are tailoring certain menu items to suit these customers. Gluten-free bread is often an option, as well...

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iPad POS | Founder Friday at Revel Systems

Founder Friday: Opposites Attract

What To Look For In A Co-Founder, Or Opposites Attract—Founder Friday Chris Ciabarra, CTO of Revel Systems on how he met his co-founder, Revel CEO Lisa Falzone: “I met my co-founder, Lisa Falzone, when searching the Internet for an Einstein quote—’Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will...

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iPad POS | Revel Cloud

Top 4 Reasons To Choose The Cloud

Back-office Servers and Your Point of Sale The cloud is on everyone’s minds these days. As point-of-sale industry trends veer away from hardware and more towards cloud-based systems, what do you need to know about these changes? Please read cloud storage reviews why is it necessarily better to choose the cloud...

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iPad POS | Ideal POS ecosystem

The Complete POS Ecosystem [Infographic]

What factors foster the ideal POS ecosystem? That is, what creates the best point of sale environment for your business? POS systems come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s important to differentiate from the clutter. There are several factors which you should consider when choosing the right your POS...

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iPad POS | New Feature Customer Order Alert Screen

New Feature! Customer Order Alert Screen

Newsflash, your order is ready. This new piece of hardware is what you have been literally waiting for. Waiting for an order at a quick service restaurant can often be a hectic and time consuming process for both parties involved. Customers are eagerly waiting to hear their order numbers called,...

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