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A Unique POS for Every Business

A Unique POS for Every Business

As a business owner, you tackle tough challenges every day. Resolving issues with a legacy Point of Sale system should not be one of them. Today’s POS systems are easy to use and fully customisable to your business’s specific needs. At no other point has the process of selling and accounting for what you’ve sold been more seamless. Here’s how a cutting-edge Point of Sale system like Revel’s can work for you:

Retail shops and restaurants are two different beasts. Similarly, bars and grocery stores operate in distinctive ways. It’s illogical for each of these businesses to use an identical POS system. Revel’s custom iPad Point of Sale solution can be specifically tailored across industries from wineries to hair salons and even stadiums.

Build Your Own Features
It’s now possible to design, create, and display your own POS features. Operate a restaurant? Customise your POS to present particular menus including specials and discounts at set time frames. Assign a table section to a server and track everything from the status of their orders to the tips they receive. Run a salon? Add individual employees and ensure only they can be booked for esthetician or cosmetology services. Give customers the freedom to book appointments online and receive text or email confirmations/reminders. With an intuitive POS like Revel’s no detail of running a successful business has been overlooked. With the power of the POS in your hands you customise the details and run the show.

Third-Party Integrations
Bringing the concept of customisation to another level, Revel System’s Open API or Application Programming Interface, enables owners to integrate third-party applications like Twitter, PayPal and ApplePay. The result is an advanced, all-in-one POS solution that’s always up to date with changing customer expectations. Third-party integration makes the back-end side of your job a lot more efficient.

Hardware Integrations
Gone (or limited) are the days of legacy POS systems that are impossible to combine with other systems. Revel’s iPad POS system integrates with a variety of top-of-the-line hardware like the Honeywell 1400g barcode scanner, Epson T88 receipt printer, Brecknell 6720U scale, and ID Tech stationery card swipe, to name a few. Each communicates directly to the Point of Sale.

While the nature of legacy servers creates islands of information, a state-of-the-art POS system shares key information with other parts of the organisation in real time including data about customers, sales and operations—all of this provides a roadmap to boost your bottom line. Start tailoring your iPad Point of Sale to your business’s exact needs with Revel’s Custom POS today!