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Announcing the New Revel Kiosk

Announcing the New Revel Kiosk

Revel Systems is thrilled to announce the latest version of its Kiosk POS. This new version is by no means a simple re-skin; the Revel Systems customer-facing kiosk now provides a smoother, sleeker and more efficient customer experience, bringing new features that never existed in a kiosk, until now.

Antonio Aiello, Revel Systems’ Creative Director, highlights the new kiosk for QSR in the video below.

As Antonio notes, the Revel Kiosk presents a brand new consumer experience. It’s beautiful and easy to use, giving consumers a sleeker and easier way to order items and pay. By making the customer experience as fluid as possible, the new Revel Kiosk frees up valuable time for your employees while providing a leisurely dining experience for your customers.

The newest features allow users to easily edit items at any time, see detailed product descriptions and add notes to their order. Beautiful imagery accompanies each product, giving customers a crisp, tactile and enjoyable shopping experience. When it’s time to pay, customers have the option of paying by cash, credit, PayPal™ or even gift cards.

The new Revel Kiosk also includes an advanced matrix system, which gives consumers a smoother, less cluttered experience when choosing their items. Customers in a retail store, for example, can easily select the shoe they want, and the shoe size and colour on the next screen. This speeds up the selection process and allows users easier access to the items they want, without having to scroll through an endless list of products.