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Try Before You Buy With A Live Demo

Try Before You Buy With A Live Demo

We’ve all heard the phrase, “why would you buy a car without test driving it first?” In fact, it’s that very concept that will always keep physical brick and mortar retail stores alive in a digital age. There’s nothing like holding an object in our hands or seeing it up close before we buy it. We need to know that whatever we buy will meet our needs, and there’s no better way than a hands on physical experience or a personal demonstration.

A recent article on Upstream Commerce gave high marks to both the online and in-store shopping experience. But, the story definitely favored the in-store experience for returns and problem solving over the online model. The story went on to report the 85% of moms with kids and 54% of men want to be greeted at the door in retail stores.

As a business owner you’re faced with many decisions on just how to best compete in an ever expanding marketplace. Revel’s iPad POS provides a vast array of solutions designed to streamline your POS concerns and consolidate many of those critical day to day tasks. By the way, we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. We invite you to visit the Demo Page and see Revel in action for yourself. We’d also be happy to provide a live demo; just fill out the form on the page and we’ll schedule a time for you to test drive the Revel POS in-person or online. It might even change the way you run your business.

Basic QSR Demo

Revel is a totally customisable iPad POS solution, regardless of the size or type of your business. The Revel iPad POS is totally scalable, meaning it will grow as your business grows whether you’re a mom and pop corner store or a multi-location franchise.  Revel’s goal is to build relationships with our clients and we’re with you every step of the way. We’ll see to it that the Revel iPad POS system meets your current needs and you’re fully comfortable with all of the system’s functionality.

Basic Retail Demo

So, what are you waiting for? Why not buckle up, hold on tight and prepare to be dazzled by a live demo of the Revel iPad POS? You’ll be amazed by what we have to offer.

If you’d like to test drive other point of sale systems, you might be hard pressed and most likely will be forced to buy on faith alone. Here at Revel we are confident in our product-so confident in fact that we let you try our point of sale for free before you buy. As mentioned above, you can schedule a live demo or you can download the app on the App Store, free of charge. We think our product speaks for itself, as do our multitude of happy customers. To see for yourself, contact us today or check out our testimonials.