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About Us

About Revel Systems

Revel Systems is an award-winning iPad Point of Sale solution for single and multi-location businesses. Our company is based in San Francisco and was founded with the mission of helping entrepreneurs make their dream a reality. Revel works to keep business owners ahead of the game by innovating the Point of Sale market with a quick, intuitive and secure iPad-based Point of Sale system.


Revel Systems provides the most comprehensive and versatile all-in-one solution on the market for any business size and type. Revel offers a full suite of features including inventory tracking, mobile ordering, loyalty programs, employee management, central control and intelligent reporting to name a few. With Revel’s flexible open API businesses can integrate with third party applications and fully customise their Point of Sale according to specific needs and wants.


The Story Behind Revel Systems

Revel Systems originally started with a completely different premise: an online ordering app for the iPhone. However, while pitching their online ordering app to local restaurants co-founders, Lisa Falzone and Chris Ciabarra, realised that business owners’ biggest problem was their cash register. They wanted to address this by combining secure cloud-based technology with the inherent mobility of the iPad. The Point of Sale systems at the restaurants Ciabarra and Falzone visited all had the same qualities: bulky, archaic and expensive. Many of these systems had not been updated in years and had backoffice servers which required frequent and costly maintenance.
After talking to Michael Lappert, owner of Lappert’s Ice Cream in Sausalito, Lisa and Chris decided to pivot their business to develop a new type of Point of Sale system. At the time, the recently-released iPad seemed to be the perfect touch screen solution to replace old and expensive legacy systems. Thus started Revel Systems iPad Point of Sale to help entrepreneurs succeed and local economies thrive. Today, Revel Systems provides the #1 Point of Sale system for both small businesses and enterprises. Major companies powered by Revel Systems include Goodwill, Tully’s Coffee, Stanford University, Indy 500 and Cinnabon.

Leadership Team

Leslie Leaf - VP of Support

Leslie Leaf

VP of Support


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Intuit provides business and financial solutions for SMBs, financial institutions, consumers and accounting professionals.

Sean Tomlinson

Sean Tomlinson is a Gold Coast-born entrepreneur who has acted as a Director and Advisor of Revel Systems since June 2013.


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