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Touch Screen Cash Register

Looking for an app that is both easy to learn and robust enough to run your small business? Revel POS is the touch screen cash register for the task. Quick, intuitive, and powerful, Revel’s ipad software will run your business seamlessly on Apple’s iPad. The sleek design of the iPad point of sale will provide a futuristic look for your store as the touch screen allows you to make transactions—literally with the touch of a finger.  Thousands of cafes, restaurants, frozen yogurt, bars, and small businesses run on Revel Systems.

When you purchase Revel Systems iPad POS, we provide you with a pre-configured hardware package that includes: iPad, iPad stand, cash drawer, printer, credit card swipe, cabling, and router. Our hardware design easily turns the iPad into a cash register to get you up and running in no time. Once you’re set up, we’ll build a layout on Revel’s beautiful user interface for whatever type of POS product you need. The new standard in touch screen cash register is finally here!

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