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Revel 1525 Release Notes

Revel Systems® is proud to announce the release of Revel 1525, together with supporting changes in the Kitchen Display System (KDS) and Customer Facing Display. Revel Management Consoles will be upgraded to 1525 and it will now be the go-to version replacing 1520 on the Revel Dashboard.

Revel Systems Release Notes

New Features:

Management Console Enhancements:

Revel iPad POS Enhancements:

New Features

Add/Remove Order Buttons

Revel now provides more customization for order features. With a new UI on the POS station settings, you can now control the order and even existence of the buttons below the order screen. For example, if there is no need for an “Add Extra Item”, then it won’t be displayed. The “Discount” button, often used by employees, can easily be displayed as one of the first four buttons.

Bulk Inventory Transfer

Revel has a new inventory transfer option. Use this option to transfer inventory from one establishment to another. Customers with massive transfer inventory requirements will find this new feature very useful.

  • Products can be entered by typing their names rather than searching out the products and clicking the transfer button.
  • Ingredients in one establishment can be transferred into products of another establishment. This was designed to support a warehouse establishment that turns ingredients into products for their store establishments.
  • There is an upload functionality that enables the setup of mass transfers of many products to many establishments and re-use them.

Delivery Management

Revel has implemented a delivery management functionality in release 1525 which is available for the iPad only (it is not a smartphone app yet). This new functionality focuses on assessing routes, assigning orders to drivers and letting them check out easily. It also offers the ability to track orders through the process and offers a check-in function to drivers.

Dynamic Combos and Upsells (BETA)

Dynamic Combos

Bringing more flexibility in the system, the new Group Combos enable the user to sell a group of products at a special price. Give each group or slot a name and as many products or product groups as needed. Select which product slots will receive the Group Combo cost reduction. Differences in price are set by modifiers, not products. Group combos also support different quantities so that the number of items in a combo can be increased.

The Product Mix Report will display all products in or out of combos on the main report.

Note: Combos do not currently display on the kiosk.


Frequently used by fast food restaurants, upsells (also called quick combos or meals) enable restaurant owners to setup bundled offers of their most popular items. It gives them the ability to offer items like drinks or sides at a reduced price when purchased with a key menu item.

Integrating the upsell capability in Revel’s POS is a significant improvement for QSR restaurants since upsells are a big part of their offering. Being able to configure upsells in the system will save time and enhance the employee experience.

An establishment can now create product packages that allow products or sides to be sold at a reduced price. Upsell menu items can be attached to a base product using the Upsell Combo available in Product Details. The upsell data model is built on the following:

  • Slots are products that can be included in a combo, for example sides or drinks.
  • Upsell levels are, for example products of a different size: Small/Medium/Large.

A Mods button was also added for the base product of the upsell combo so that the user can pick the Mods for it.

EMS Menu Updates

Revel added two important features to the EMS.

Modifier Creation has been added to the new product management design:

In the EMS, create modifier classes, associate them to products, and then push them to other establishments. This new feature is located in the EMS and accessible in the user-interface (UI) tree. It will save a lot of time to enterprises that have a lot of establishments, as it will help streamline the setup of new branches. It will also help with on-going maintenance of their product menus.

Recipe Management is now available for all products in the EMS:

Create product recipes directly from the EMS and push them to all your establishments.

Note: Ingredients are not yet available on EMS and must be created at the establishment level.

EMS Schedules/Time Worked

There are now pared down versions of Time Schedules and Time Worked on the EMS as reports only, it is not possible to add shifts. They display the hours for each day worked and the total wages.

Note: Total wages do *not* attempt to assess overtime across multiple establishments. Overtime is calculated only within the establishment. Currently, there is a PDF export of this report, but no excel option.

FP1000 Fiscal Printer

The new fiscal printer (FP1000) approved in Lithuania and Latvia is now compatible with Revel Systems’ POS. The printer complies with the government hardware regulations required for fiscal use in Lithuania and Latvia.

Guided On-Boarding for New Customers

In order to help new customers with the basic configuration of their system, a new bar near the top of the management console was added to help new customers track the tasks they need to complete before going live with their new Revel iPad POS. Things like setting up an employee, creating the prevailing tax, creating a product and building their receipt is indicated.

iZettle Credit Card Processing

iZettle payment processing is now available. iZettle uses chip and pin codes and is available in the UK.


Invoice items may now be put on layaway. The item is displayed in the inventory as still “on hand” but “no longer available” for sale. Once the layaway invoice is turned into an order, the layaway items are completely taken out of the inventory and are no longer available.

While the ability to put an item in “layaway” is usually used by retail stores, the new layaway capability of the Revel POS can also be used by restaurants to set aside ingredients that will need to be used for a specific order. For example, a restaurant offers deliveries and a large order was placed for the coming weekend. The ingredients required to fulfill the order are placed on layaway so that they are set aside and more ingredients are ordered to ensure that ingredients are available to fill regular orders for the week.

The new feature also enables the creation of inventory reports filtered by:

  • Display For Sale inventory
  • On Hand inventory
  • Inventory on layaway

Reorder warnings and sales inventory checks run against inventory for sale.

Online Ordering Update

Online ordering now supports quantity, split modifiers, rewards, accrual, and redemption.

Operations Report

The “operations report” is now available. It is a comprehensive single page report that includes product mix, sales data, discounts, tax data, labor, cash reconciliation and a whole lot more.

Paytronix (New Gift Card Partner)

Revel Systems is giving customers more choices to work with gift card vendors and now works with Paytronix. This integration function works like other gift cards, for example Mercury and ValueTec

PAYware Ocius Gateway Integration

For customers in the UK, credit card processing via the PAYware Ocius gateway has been implemented.

Product Creation

Create products from an unmatched barcode search or in Manage Item mode. The Manage Item mode has been greatly expanded to allow editing item details, managing inventory and printing labels. It is also possible to input matrix options.

QuickBooks® Updates

Revel Systems® and Intuit have partnered to provide an all-in-one system that provides businesses with tools to make managing an entire business easier and increase sales.

QuickBooks® Online (QBO) Updates:

  • Implementation of a separate module for Location Tracking
  • Implementation of credit card authorization
  • Duplication handling during Customer Import and Export
  • Duplication handling during Vendor Import and Export
  • Hide customer settings for QBO summary
  • Summary + payment reconciliation settings
  • New on-boarding wizard for QuickBooks Online integration

Selectable Languages for Kiosk

In order to better support our international customers, Revel has now fully internationalized the Revel Kiosk. It is possible to replace any button or string in the Kiosk user interface by uploading a language file.

Shipping and Handling

Revel has developed a shipping and handling capability to enable customers to ship orders directly from the POS using UPS. This feature streamlines the shipping process and is a significant time saver for a business.

Attach a customer to an order, ship the order, and link to UPS to get shipping costs, a tracking number, and print a shipping label using the iPad POS. Revel supports a percentage based handling fee and sends the product weight to UPS.

Shipping features include:

  • Print filtering by the new dining/ordering option.
  • Quickly find an order using the new dining options filter added to the Order History report.
  • A linked UPS tracking number can also be printed on the Order History report.

SMS Notifications for Rewards

Customers are always on their smartphones and reaching them on their favorite device is the best way to get their attention.

SMS notifications can now be sent when a customer signs up for Rewards. The capability is turned on under Social Networks – Activate SMS Rewards System.

An introductory text can be included and sent to users when they get a reward card. It is also possible to design and send a reminder message to a customer who has not returned to the store or restaurant for a certain number of days.

Note: This functionality is available by establishment, so if a customer uses rewards cards in several establishments, they could get a large amount of texts. Opt-out is controlled by the third party that routes the SMS messages.

Tax Functionality Update

Revel is enhancing the flexibility of the tax functionality in release 1525. The new features ensure that taxes are applied to each sale, adding the flexibility needed for business owners to apply the right taxes to the right products.

Revel now supports tax-included products on a tax-excluded menu. Businesses can determine which items include or exclude tax. For example, bars can sell drinks at the bar with tax included, while the dining floor sells items with tax excluded.

Receipts will show asterisks on the tax-included items and a line with total tax collected. This functionality can be turned on in the advanced POS section of the Management Console.

In order to avoid rounding deltas in the tax report, Revel has changed how its POS calculates order taxes. Now, the POS rounds the tax for each tax rate to the second decimal, saves the data on the order, and displays it all together making it easier for the customer to view.

Other tax features include:

  • Revel has incorporated the ability for business to select their rounding style (mathematical or ceiling) by tax rate.
  • Revel customers may now state a reason when manually removing the tax and tax button.

Templates for Receipts

Receipts can now be customized using HTML templates including:

  • Payment receipts
  • Invoice receipts
  • Kitchen tickets
  • Recipe labels

Once the HTML template has been modified, it can be uploaded to the establishment section of the management console and the iPad will start using it.

Revel can help with the creation of templates. Fees might be charged depending on the complexity of the requested design.

Time Zones Management

It is critical to correctly setup the time zone for each establishment so that the system applies the correct time of activities recorded in the POS.

The server time zone is now displayed in the title bar of the management console and administrators should set the proper time zone for each establishment.

Wholesale Pricing as New Discount Type

Wholesale pricing is a new discount type. Wholesale discounts can be any type of discount:

  • Percentage
  • Amount
  • Re-price
  • Alt price

They apply to items, classes or groups but do not use volume rules. They can be automatically applied. A wholesale discount price does not appear on a discount report or receipt.

Major Enhancements

Management Console Enhancements

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  1. New customers can now be created in the management console and customer notes can be added in the CRM import/export.
  2. It is now possible to associate a Company Name and an Address Name with customer addresses.

Credit Card Processing

  1. Implemented the settings to perform credit card processing via PAYware Ocius on a Verifone device
    (for the UK).
  2. Implemented support for Australia’s EFTPOS payments.
  3. Added the settings to support integrations with EFTPOS payment type (for Australia) (goes with other EFTPOS feature)

Delivery management

You can now suppress seat and course for delivery, just as you do for To Go.

Employee Management

  1. A new setting is available that allows employees to clock out with open orders.
  2. Employee visibility has been enhanced. Rather than display attached or unattached employees, current and former employees can now be displayed. This current and former employee display is also part of the EMS. Note that only employees from those establishments that you have permissions for can be seen.
  3. Added forecasting totals to time sheets/time worked.
  4. The setting “Employees see only their own open orders” has been migrated to a permission token: “View All Orders”. If an employee doesn’t have this token, he will only see only his own open orders.
  5. Update of Paychex export based on their specific export requirements.


  1. Added another layer of security to EMS access. It is similar to current web access for users. Users need to get the rights to access the EMS and pages they want to view.
  2. EMS product management can now handle establishment related objects like Tax Groups, Product Groups, Printers and Custom Menus. Note that for Tax Groups, only the group is synced, not the taxes.
  3. The action log is now available on the EMS.
  4. Updated the Enterprise Product mix report, moving it exclusively to the EMS and making it generally more useful.
  5. The Customers Orders Report has been ported to EMS reports.
  6. There is now a version of the House Account report on the EMS.
  7. EMS users can now receive emails telling them that their background jobs have succeeded or failed.
  8. Click on the orders on the EMS sales summary and go to the appropriate order history (EMS only)

Generic Management Console Enhancements

  1. Updated the brand/establishment selection on the Management console. It is now alphabetized drop-downs, instead of a list of check boxes.
  2. The Kitchen View setting “Done as Bump” has been added to the peripheral details. Before it was settable only on the KDS itself.
  3. A number of credit card and tips settings have been grouped together into one section. A setting was added enabling tips to be collected on third party device (under the tips section).
  4. Settings required to implement a secondary card swipe are now on the establishment tab

Gift/Rewards Cards

  1. There is a new setting under Gift Cards on the Payments Page titled Purchase Plan Discounts. It enables a feature designed for FitLife. If you are a customer and pay with a gift card (with the prepaid purchase plan), and belong to a customer group, you will get the appropriate discount.
  2. Get rid of the cancel button on gift card activation using a new setting in the management console.
  3. Online ordering now supports Revel Reward redemptions. Rewards for points, sales and visits can all be redeemed.
  4. Settings have been added to Rewards Cards to support points by weight or by item for weighted items:
  5. Base reward value x Final Item Weight
  6. Base reward value x Final Item Price
  7. Added settings under rewards to allow clients to control how they are prompted for reward card swipe. It can be by automatic prompt or by user intervention.

Inventory Management

  1. Inventory Summary reports have been added to the EMS.
  2. Low Stock Threshold has been added into the inventory section of product details (and to the import file).
  3. All Inventory settings have been added to the new Product Management settings tree. Access the Inventory node by clicking product details and navigating to the node or by clicking the Inventory icon next to the product. These settings are bringing major usability enhancements to the system.
  4. People who want to know the total value of their inventory can now use the new Sum Total displayed in the upper right corner of the Manage Inventory Page. This total changes as the filter changes.
  5. The inventory can now be exported as a PDF.

KDS & Digital Menu Board

  1. DMB users can now load up background images for the Digital Menu Boards.
  2. “Double Tap to Complete” setting has been added to the KDS Details View. This enables the ‘In Progress mode’ on the KDS

Kiosk & Online Ordering

  1. Online Ordering now supports WorldPay.
  2. Run several languages on your kiosk. Create the language packs ahead of time, once they are uploaded, customers will be able to choose the language they want to use. After the order is done, the kiosk will revert to English.
  3. Kiosk and online order users can now hide modifiers by removing the check mark from the Display in Kiosk and Display Online boxes on the Modifier’s details.

Note: This is by modifier, not product modifier.

  1. Polygon mapped zones are available for online ordering. Build delivery zones on a 3rd party tool, for example and then copy the resulting code into the new Delivery area using the geojson setting.
  2. Added a setting on kiosk to suppress the Special Request box.
  3. Online ordering can now take advantage of destination-based taxes via Avalera and Tax Cloud.
  4. Online ordering now handles brand level service fees.

Language Support

  1. Language packs can now be uploaded in string format.
  2. Select from one of our official language packs: Lithuanian, Russian, French, German, Estonian and Spanish. (American) English remains the default.


  1. Added a quick creation button to the top of the screen to the Product Menu Tree. This button opens into the minimum number of settings available to use when creating a new product.
  2. SKUs can now be up to 30 characters, and can contain underscores in them if desired.
  3. Added several fields to product import/export:
  4. Sort Order
  5. Threshold
  6. Tax Included
  7. Commission Type
  8. Service Product
  9. Export ingredient inventory by stock unit.
  10. The new product management details screen will now hide ‘sub’ settings until the controlling setting is checked. For instance, all the fields for variable pricing will not appear until it has been declared that the product is subject to variable pricing. For now, click save to get those sub settings.
  11. There is a new setting on discounts. We now support Discount all after reaching a quantity threshold. Aka, buy 6 bottles of wine, get 10% off all wine (instead of just 10% off the 6 bottles).
  12. Enhanced the Service settings for the product import/export files.
  13. Enhanced representation of parent vs child products in the new Product Tree.
  14. Enhanced the usability of our product import/export template. It now has explanatory text the top, sample values for each field (retail oriented for now) and tip texts in the upper right corners of the column headings. A few fields have also been renamed to be more sensible.
  15. Happy Hour settings have been removed from the Product Details (and imports). Use Alt Price discounts to invoke Happy Hour Pricing.
  16. In order to help users determine the performance of their discounts, the Discounts and Voids report now include data about the value of the orders against which the discounts were applied.
  17. On Product details, Product attributes have been moved out of Retail Options. They have been renamed Matrix Options and are now found in Advanced Product Details
  18. Added setting (Quick add Matrix products, under advanced) to support the automatic addition of matrix items to the order when all their attributes are selected.


Upload an image to print on the bottom of receipts. This can also be used for QR codes.

Reporting Enhancements

  1. Revel now has real-time reporting on Time Worked/Payroll. When you go to the Time Worked/Payroll page, Revel will pull the amount of hours worked for each employee at that exact moment.
  2. Sales Summary Report:
  3. A tax breakdown was added to the Sales Summary report.
  4. The dining option breakdown on the Sales Summary report now includes actual sales numbers instead of just percentages.
  5. Excel reports are now exported as numbers and not as strings.
  6. JCB and Diners cards payments now report under Other Credit in Revel’s reports.
  7. EFTPOS, an Australian payment type, is now represented in the reports and appears as a type of credit.


  1. To enhance the experience of the new Shipping feature, a dining/order option filter was added to the order history report. It can be used for any dining/order option.
  2. Shipping printers have been added to the section where you filter printing by dining option.
  3. Shipping now supports destination-based taxes. This is accomplished through either Tax Cloud or Avalera. Revel makes a calls to one of the shipping companies, tells them the shipping address, and they respond with the correct tax rate.


  1. Tax agencies can now be created in the tax section and added to tax rates. The tax agency needs to be created first and then attached to the named tax.
  2. Reasons for removing the tax from an order can now be entered in the system. If no reason is entered, a default reason will be used. If this new functionality is used, the POS user will be prompted to select the proper reason whenever they remove the tax. Currently, these reasons are not reported, but QuickBooks® uses them.
  3. Shipping and destination based tax can now be displayed on a tax report by address.

Till Management

  1. Added an offline tills management feature. This setting needs to be turned on. Gives the ability to close tills from within the tills report and make changes to a few fields that are likely be the victim of human error (bank drop, declared cash). Remarks for any edits are required and the changes will be logged to the action log.
  2. All till settings have been gathered into a single till section.
  3. A default starting value for Tills can now be set using the Management Console.


  1. The Management Console offers an option to restore tips to retail clients who use Reservations.
  2. Revel can now send text (SMS) reminders for Schedule Appointments. A Twilio account is required to do this. Time(s) to send reminders out can be programmed in the system.
  3. The Free on Board Shipping Point (FOB) section now appears on the Purchase Order PDF.
  4. Addition of a “Prompt for Tip by Dining Option” to Payments. Select what dining types you want to prompt for tip with, and Revel POS will do that prior to closing the order. This is designed for clients who use auto done and don’t generally take tips, but do need to record them for delivery.
  5. Check in with your iPads and be warned if they are online. Turn on Notify if a station is offline on advanced settings and select the ping interval. Suppress it on individual POS station detail settings if needed. The connection with the iPad will be checked every x minutes. If an iPad can’t be found, a warning in the Management Console Header bar will be displayed.
  6. To help prevent human error, auto filling has been implemented for the BIN field. Start typing, wait a moment, and we will offer up previous BIN entries that match what has been typed so far.
  7. Turn on the Send to Kitchen request under the KitchenView/KitchenPrint settings.
  8. When using the Send to Kitchen on request setting, a new Order action button (Sent to kitchen) is available. It is useful to send items without having to get into the order actions popup.
  9. Web access ids can now be up to 50 characters (char), to enable users to use their emails as logins to the Management Console.
  10. Update of the establishment selection widget. It is now an alphabetized dropdown, and not a long page of checkboxes anymore. The input field offers filtering by Establishment ID and name.
  11. The Order Owner permission token is now on the Management Console. Only people with this token can create or receive orders. Everyone but chefs get it by default.
  12. New setting added to allow printing of a Merchant Receipt copy based on the size of the order.
  13. The full history of cash transactions, the amount tendered and change on the payment record are displayed on the Order History.
  14. Settings to create amount based Service fees were added to Service Fees
  15. Added ‘for modifiers’ to the box of prompts that can be suppressed by POS station (you can now ask that it can be done for you).
  16. Stack Notifications setting has been added to Order Notifications. They can be stacked so that they don’t cover the entire menu.
  17. Added Station Name to the box of things you can have printed out on your kitchen receipts.

Revel iPad POS Enhancements

Bar Tabs and Empty Tables

You can now move an entire paid order or bar tab to an empty table. Please note you still can’t move the order to a table that already has one attached to it.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Implemented a new Manage Customer UI. The main page is reformatted to make it more powerful and in line with the rest of the UI. The Customer Details page has been redone to fit everything, including addresses, on a single screen.

Delivery Management

Through the management console, seat and course prompts can be disabled for delivery.

Dining Types and Table Service Update

  1. In table service, you will find a new little icon at the bottom left near table timers. Tapping it will bring up the Dining type selection screen (does not include the “Eat In” dining option) and automatically create an order ticket. This order will not have a table number, and is ideal for takeout/delivery orders.
  2. When a table is transferred, Revel initially only displays the names of people who are clocked in. Managers/owners can expand that list to all.
  3. Table layouts are now alphabetized. It offers an easy way to reorder the layouts on demand.
  4. When moving items or tables, if the target table has an order on it, a warning will be displayed.

Intuit QuickBooks® Online Integration

A manual but unencrypted credit option has been added to the QuickBooks® Online integration.


  1. New Kitchen Print mode – On Demand. If selected, it will supersede all other settings (on demand, on hold, on send). Instead, when accessing a print to kitchen button, the users will be asked to select the items to print. All unprinted items can be printed, as well as individual items, or an entire course. If the course printed is the next course in line, we will treat that as firing that course.
  2. KDS now has a bump function just like Expedite. Turn it on and tap to close an item, it will disappear only from *that* kitchen view, not any other kitchen view.
  3. Added Station name to Kitchen print options. If selected, it will print on Kitchen receipts.
  4. Added the ability to mark items as in progress in the KDS. Double tap them to mark them done and move them along in the process.

Logging & Reporting

  1. Expanded action log reporting now records opening and closing the cash drawer outside of standard actions
  2. Added the Cash Due House/Employee line to the iPad® Sales Summary report even when a specific employee is not selected.

Meal Plans and the Revel POS

Revel has created a meal plan discount feature that now enables customers the ability to buy meal plans. This is provided as a card that has meal points. You attach the customer to the order and if the card has enough funds on it, they get the discount associated with their customer group. You turn this on with a check box located under the gift cards settings (please note this is for Revel Gift Cards Only).

Mobile Ordering

Re-skinned the iPhone® Ordering app, making it much more user-friendly as an ordering app, especially for retail.

Payment, Discounts, Tips & Receipts

  1. The Revel® iPad® POS can now label the Check Payment type. For example, if you don’t take checks, but want a customizable payment type that captures a number, you can repurpose the checks.
  2. Credit plus transactions will now prompt for Index QR code loyalty redemption.
  3. Revel now captures, saves and prints the Index Loyalty I.D. on receipts.
  4. Next Bill is now available for cash payments. By pressing Next Bill, the POS will register that the next full dollar amount has been paid in cash (i.e. $12.00 tendered for an $11.54 check). On the management console, turn on Next Bill in the Settings page. Note: This is not available for split bills or checks with auto gratuity.
  5. For delivery clients, ability to add prompts for tips. This allows a business to take no tips in most situations, but leaves a window open to add a tip for delivery orders.
  6. Added support for Debit through Intuit credit card processing.
  7. Updated our Shtrikh-M integration to support Payin/out and to print the cashier name on the receipt.
  8. Track the amount of cash tendered when paying a check and print that, and the subsequent change, on receipt reprints.
  9. If capture on swipe is set to true, tips for other payment types, like cash, will now be captured.
  10. If the auto capture of your batch failed, a warning is issued about “un-captured” payments every time the user logs in until they have been handled.
  11. The setting to group identical items has been extended to payment receipts.
  12. Amount can be used as service fee criteria. (For example, one fee for deliveries under $25.00 and another for those above $25.00).
  13. Implemented the POS work to send information about use of manager pins in managing discounts.
  14. Discount all members of a class or group after reaching the requirement volume for discount. Before, the option was to buy 6 bottles of wine, get 10% off those 6. Now, the option is to buy 6 bottles of wine and get 10% off all wine purchased.
  15. Apply discounts to combos.


  1. Press long enough on a product in the Menu, and a window will appear displaying basic product details. It is not necessary to add the product to the order to get that information anymore.
  2. Creating items based on unmatched barcode is now controlled by the Create Product permission token.
  3. Drag and drop features are now available in the Manage Item mode. Reorganize menus by dragging products around and dropping them in new categories.
  4. Added a button on item details that will come back to the combo screen so that the options can be changed if needed.
  5. Added a view all button to the Upsell screen so that you can once again see every product in every slot, even if you have selected a size.
  6. Suppress the prompt for modifier screen by POS station (instead of just by product).
  7. Support of extended decimal setting to Price and Cost on Add Extra Item.

Shipping & Handling

  1. A warning to recalculate shipping costs is initiated if the shipping package type is changed.
  2. The shipping feature can now use an uploaded ship rate table (as opposed to getting the shipping cost from UPS).

Rewards and Gift Cards

  1. For Revel rewards, clients can now link phone numbers to reward cards for easier redemption rewards without physical cards.
  2. If a customer is associated to an order, and an unattached gift card is swiped, we will offer to link them.
  3. FirstData pin pads can now comprehend Revel Gift Cards.
  4. Use letters in your gift/rewards cards. Spaces or dashes are not supported.
  5. All payment types now support a secondary card swipe. The secondary swipe will be used for gift/loyalty and admin card reads. This is for people who use a payment swipe that cannot handle gift and admin cards.
  6. Assign rewards to weighted items based on weight units (1 point per ounce) or on quantity (1 point per yogurt sundae, no matter how big. This is a global setting.
  7. If a product of the class GIFT is voided, a prompt will be displayed to void the associated gift card and provide a mechanism to do so. Currently, this works only for Revel Gift cards.


  1. Logging of reasons why a product is 0 taxed. Some items have a 0 tax rate, is cold, was paid for with EBT. But sometimes, it is because the user needs to manually remove the tax. Revel inputs a default reason for that, but other reasons can be added in the Management Console and then picked from among them on the POS. All this data can be passed to QuickBooks®.
  2. We have added handling for destination-based taxes to Shipping. This is done by having an account with either Avalara or TaxCloud. We send the address off to one of those companies and they send us back the proper tax rate.
  3. We have updated our Ship Compliant integration to handle destination based taxes and send them the correct address name.


  1. A default till value can be set using the Management Console and the iPad will fill that into the till as it is set. The till still needs to be set.
  2. Implemented till alerts. An email will be sent to the input address when the amount of cash in the till reaches a certain amount.


  1. The Revel iPad POS can now handle the percentage-based commission introduced to the management console in 1520.
  2. Added the ability to disable the clock-in check against login and the open order check against logout for up to 24 hours (assuming you input a manager pin). This is in case your Internet goes down and you want to stop failing those checks.
  3. Exchanges now follow voids/returns as far as capturing a reason for the exchange.
  4. The Order Owner permission token is now on the Management Console. Only people with this token can create or receive orders. Everyone but chefs get it by default.
  5. The price override for weighted items can now affect the total price. Before it could only affect price per unit.
  6. Order notifications have been changed so that they can and not cover the entire menu screen.
  7. Invoices now display the fact that items are on layaway or not.