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Revel 2.10 Release Notes

Revel Systems® is proud to announce the release of Revel 2.10, together with supporting changes in the Kitchen Dis­play System (KDS) and Customer Facing Display. Revel Management Consoles will be upgraded to 2.10 and it will now be the go-to version replacing 1520 on the Revel Dashboard.

Revel Systems Release Notes

New Features

Management Console Enhancements

Revel iPad POS Enhancements

Digital Menu Board



New Features

Administrator Permissions

In the EMS, Administrators can now build permission sets which assign permissions on the Management Console to users at a very granular level.

A new “Administrator Permissions” button is displayed on the “Employees” section of the EMS and enables the administrator to set full permissions on all settings related to “Employees”, “Schedules”, “Products” and ‘Modifiers”. The permission levels are as follow:

  • None – User doesn’t have access to the page or field.
  • Read – User can Read, but cannot Edit any of the selected fields.
  • Write/Create – User can Edit the selected fields and create new objects.
  • Lock/unlock – User is able to Lock/Unlock fields at the EMS level.

Less granular permissions can be set against other pages of the Management Console.

The new feature also allows Administrators to grant users access to specific establishments by assigning a permission set to that user and establishment on the Administrative Permissions tab of each employee.

Age Verification

In order to protect bars, restaurant owners, and convenience store owners, Revel is delivering a new feature that will help ensure that no product that requires age verification is sold to an under-aged customer.

For example, when a customer tries to order alcohol in a bar, the Revel iPad POS displays a warning message and prompts the employee to enter the customer’s age. Business owners may require that employees input the customer’s birth date to add the product to the order. The Manager role cannot override the age verification warning. This feature may also be used to simply display a message when an item is added to an order.

Backup Application

Revel now offers a new backup application for the iPad POS. This application will be available for download from the App Store and can be installed on the iPad POS.

This new application will keep track of all the transactions made on the POS (online and off-line). If someone deletes the iPad POS app, the backup application will keep all the transactions recorded so that they can be restored when the POS app is re-installed.

CAS AD Scale Integration

Revel continuously looks to add support for hardware devices that our customers need to use with their POS systems. CAS is a manufacturer of retail and industrial weighting and measuring equipment. Revel has added the support of the CAS AD Series scales.

Customer Billing Portal

This new feature offers an intuitive interface to business owners to interact with Revel’s billing department. Authorized users can access the Customer Billing Portal through the Management Console. Features of the portal include:

  • Access to review and pay invoices
  • Transaction sort and filters
  • Capability to review messages from the Accounting Team

Delivery Management Redesign

The new Delivery Management feature focuses on assessing routes, assigning orders to drivers, tracking orders, and payments and offering Check-In and End Shift functions for drivers.

The Delivery Console includes the following displays and features:

  • A number of views to effectively display and manage different facets of the delivery process.
  • The Map View displays the details of all unassigned orders. Details include delivery location, when the orders will be ready for delivery, and the best route. Color pins indicate the state of the order. A green pin indicates the order is ready for delivery, a blue pin indicates the order is almost ready for delivery, and a black pin indicates that the order is not ready. The Order History screen displays the order details including if the order is assigned to a driver, the status of the order, and if the order is open or closed.
  • The Order Queue displays all open orders and their delivery details. Orders can also be assigned to drivers from this display.
  • The Drivers screen displays the driver’s orders, status, and directions. The Manager can view all drivers and all assigned and unassigned orders. A Driver can only view their assigned orders and any order that has not been assigned to a driver.
  • Delivery Optimization recommends deliveries that the driver should include with their assigned orders. The system displays a green flag over all unassigned orders the driver should include when they check-out for delivery. These added orders increase the efficiency of the driver’s route and decreases the time it takes an establishment to deliver all orders.
  • Two roles are automatically created to perform all Delivery Management tasks:
    • The Driver has permission to answer incoming calls, send messages, add extra items to an order, create and receive open orders. The driver also has till access and can use a virtual till.
    • The Driver Manager controls all aspects of the delivery process. They assign drivers to an order, adjust tips, check-in drivers, end a drivers shift, adjust mileage, and cash in/out for an employee. The Driver Manager can also approve a delivery to an address outside the approved delivery area.
  • Employees who keep cash on themselves, for example a delivery driver, may close orders without placing money in the physical till. A virtual till is tied to an employee and tracks all the employee’s activity. Employees with the Delivery role are able to set the starting till amount, set pay-ins/pay-outs, complete bank drops, and perform cash drops into a physical till.
  • If a Driver or Manager logs on to a terminal, slightly different screens will appear. A driver is only able to view and manage their own orders. A manager can control all aspects of the delivery process including assigning or unassigns any drivers to orders, adjusting tips, check-in or end shifts of drivers, adjusting mileages, and cashing in / out for employees.
  • The tool also includes structured end-of-delivery and end-of-shift procedures to maintain accurate delivery reports and the insight required to run a successful delivery business.
  • The Delivery Driver report is optimized to display data both by trip and by order.


Brand Level discounts have been replaced by Customer Discounts. Customer Discounts exist on the establishment level and can be globally managed through the EMS. Unlike brand level discounts, Customer discounts can be targeted to products and product groups. They can also be attached to Customer groups.

When creating, or editing a discount, one of the following functions must be selected:

  • Standard for normal discounts applied automatically or manually on the POS.
  • Customer for discounts that can be attached to customer groups.
  • Loyalty for discounts associated to the new Loyalty Program Expansion.

All current brand level discounts have been migrated to Customer discounts.

Discount creation screens allow an Enterprise to quickly create a new discount and then push the discount out to all of their establishments. The EMS Discount manages all discounts with the same name and creates products and product groups as required.

Exchange Handling

Customer exchanges are now handled as independent transactions and are printed on the receipt as a separate line item. This new feature records all parts of an exchange including tax rate, discounts, coupons and CRV. Also, the exchange can no longer be abandoned half way through the process. Attempting to do so will roll back the exchange.

A new report that lists all store exchanges is also available.

FedEx Option for Shipping and Handling

In addition to UPS, Revel supports FedEx as part of the shipping functionality.

FreedomPay Online Support

Revel is continuously looking at improving support of our partners and now delivers enhanced support for FreedomPay by integrating it into Revel’s Online Ordering system.

Gift and Reward Card Settings for Manual Input

Businesses who always scan or manually enter their Gift or Reward cards can now bypass the swipe prompts entirely. To add this feature set “Default to Manual Reward Card Input” and “Default to Manual Gift Card” input to true.

Language Support

Revel is continuing its commitment to international markets and is now offering the iPad POS interface in Polish and Thai.

Loyalty Program

Revel iPad Point of Sale offers businesses the ability to customize their loyalty options. This functionality of the loyalty and rewards feature enhances our solution and gives businesses the ability to setup more attractive reward programs that engage customers and motivate them to come back.

The loyalty reward structure includes:

  • Setup different point levels to redeem reward options
  • Take full advantage of Revel’s discounting options with loyalty rewards
  • Allow customers to redeem multiple rewards per purchase
  • Set up loyalty tiers that control how customers accrue points
  • Option to print points to the next reward level on the receipt
  • Control what items accrue points for purchase rewards

Manager Initiated End-of-Day Procedure

Implemented an end of business day process that closes out the current day’s activity and resets the system for the next business day. This feature ensures that important business procedures are completed in a consistent and timely manner. An administrator may configure an alert at a time of their choosing prompting the manager to run the End-of-Day process. An End-of-Day report records the detailed results of every End-of-Day run and the name of the employee who ran the process.

Steps in the process include:

  • Close 0.00 Balance Orders
  • Reconcile Open Orders
  • Offline Payments
  • Declined Payments
  • Process all Credit Cards
  • Confirm Employee Time Cards
  • Close All Tills
  • Print Report

Online Ordering

Customers can redeem their rewards points using Revel’s online ordering platform. A customer will be prompted for their rewards account number on checkout, the system will check against their reward balance and prompt the user to apply rewards points to the amount due. The balance to the customer’s rewards will be reduced and displayed on the screen. The customer will also have the option to display the reward points on their emailed receipt.

Online Ordering is also now fully integrated with Revel Discounts. Any discount set to auto-apply will be automatically assessed against the online order if the discount’s qualifications are met.

PC EFTPOS Integration

Customers in Australia can now use their country’s leading specialist for integrated payment solutions, EFTPOS. The privately owned Australian company provides integrated EFTPOS and Online Credit Verification (OCV) solutions for retailers who require more than just a stand-alone terminal.

Printer Integration

Epson TM-T801FV fiscal printer for Poland has been implemented.

Purchase Orders

Users can now create a purchase order, receive inventory and even create new products all in one step. They can also edit the original order, change quantity and cost, and associate a Vendor Invoice to the Purchase Order.

The new purchase order function includes the following features:

  • The user creates a Purchase Order. When the inventory is received the user can adjust the quantity, cost, shipping, and input a vendor invoice ID. Changes made to the purchase order create a receipt and update the Purchase Order with the received changes.
  • If an item is received but not listed on the purchase order the item can be created and added to the PO. After creating all items, the user can input shipping, handling, other fees and notes before saving the changes.
  • Once all items listed on a PO are received the default setting closes the purchase order, but the user can override the setting and select to keep it open.
  • All receipts created by a PO can be printed at any time.
  • Purchase Orders have three views: The Original order that displays the total of what has been ordered, the On Order view that shows what items have not yet been received and the Received view which displays all received items.
  • Users can track the invoice status of purchase orders, inputting Vendor Invoices as they come in.

Quick Product Creation

Products are at the center of the POS system but creating the complete list of products available in a store or a restaurant can be time consuming. A new quick product creation popup at the top of the product list, displays the minimal set of fields necessary to create a new functional product.

It is especially useful and primarily used in retail to create matrix products. Quick Product Creation can automatically create all the child products using the parent product as the template.

Revel Ethernet Connect

The Revel Ethernet Connect is the most powerful iPad POS network connection. Instead of a wireless connection, the Revel Ethernet Connect uses a wired Ethernet connection for direct network activity. Unreliable WiFi can sometimes lead to slowdowns and security risks. With the Revel Ethernet Connect your network won’t be affected by an unreliable wireless connection.

Revel Mobile Directory App

Revel has developed a mobile app that can be used to find local stores, order from a mobile app and more. This new app will be available to our customers and we will white label it so that they can offer it to their own customers.

The app lets merchants create a mobile marketplace which can be designed to handle pre-orders for food pick-up, delivery, and retail shipping. It can also show users a list of nearby store locations.

This mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Key features of the Revel Mobile Directory App include:

  • Profile creation that includes name, address, phone, email address, password settings, etc
  • Compatible with Payment providers (USAePay, Mercury, Moneris, PayPal, FreedomPay, WorldPay, QuickBook, and Adyen)
  • Search features for local businesses
  • A user can toggle between map view and list view
  • Notification of the number of items in the shopping cart
  • User can tap on the cart to review their order
  • User can easily modify or remove items before checkout
  • User can add discount code and reward number
  • User can add tip
  • Search products by a Product Description and by the Product SKU
  • Online ordering processing for Verifone
  • Added support for discounts targeted to specific products, groups or classes to Online Ordering

Serial Number Assignment at a Later Date

For some retail customers, when a customer buys an item online or in the store, it is not always possible to assign the serial number of the item that will be shipped or delivered right away. So, they need the ability to take the order and the payment and then let the delivery/shipping team assign the serial number when the item is packed and shipped from the warehouse.

Upsell Combos

The upsell model now uses one set of products for each slot. User can select the default product for a slot and attach a sort order for each product in the upsell combo.

The upsell price may come from the upsell itself, or it may be set on the base product. Differences in price for products in the upsell (medium fries instead of small fries) are set directly on the product as an upcharge price.

It is also possible to print the cost of each product in an upsell combo. If the Upsell Pricing Display property is set to “Print upcharges” then the costs of products will be displayed separately. If the property is set to “Rollup upcharges” then only the combo price is printed.

VeriFone Support

Revel POS is compatible with the Adyen VeriFone VX 805 PIN pad. This device allows merchants to process a range of transactions through multiple connectivity options, while offering the latest NFC technology for mobile payments.

Management Console Enhancements

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  1. Added Customer ID to the Customers Orders report and customer order items exported.
  2. Added a Company Name field to the Customer Creation form.
  3. The contract expiration date field was added to the customer model. The information can be imported and updated. It is available by setting.
  4. Customers and customer groups, together with customer group discounts can now be managed from the EMS.


Added a filter to the discount page to display discounts by their function: standard, customer or loyalty.


  1. New discount creation screens that allow an Enterprise to quickly create a new discount and then push the discount out to all of their establishments.
  2. The lock sign has been removed from the Dynamic Cost field because the field is not editable.
  3. Refined push behavior by adding undo functionality to Products.
  4. Enhanced the usability of the “view changed settings only” check box. The check-box’s behavior is now fully integrated to the product details tree.
  5. Added linking functionality to the Modifier page.
  6. EMS Reports
  7. Locked theheaders of the Establishment Payments Report to help users read through long lists of establishments.
  8. Re-factored inventory reports so that they display a consistent number of records per page.


User PIN length upgraded:

  • Minimum 4 digits
  • Maximum 10 digits

Inventory, Purchase Orders, and Vendors

  1. The Vendor form now contains the Vendor Account Number and Fax fields. This Information can be applied to a Purchase Order.
  2. If a product added to a purchase order is not linked to the purchase order’s vendor, it will use the product’s primary stock unit settings.
  3. Inventory can now be exported using a category or a subcategory.


Added ADP Payroll export. Setting “Export to ADP” in the Time Sheet Rules. It exports data in CSV format.


  1. Customers that sell products by weight can now configure pricing up to four positions past the decimal point. To access this setting select “Advanced POS Settings” and then select “Pricing decimal places for weighted products”. Select a setting from the drop-down menu. Available settings are 2, 3, and 4. The default setting is 2.
  2. A unique product barcode is automatically generated by the system if the user does not input a product barcode. This will occur when a product is created using quick create, regular create, or clone.
  3. If an active scale is used by an establishment, “Sold by Weight” and tare fields are added to Quick Product create.
  4. Added support for products sold by weight to Quick Product Creation.
  5. Product Modifiers once again display modifier price.
  6. Moved and renamed product attributes. Previously Matrix options were a subset of Retail called Product Attributes, making them difficult to find and search. The following changes have been made to correct this issue:
    • Removed Product Attributes from Retail Settings.
    • Moved them to the first node on Advanced Product Details.
    • Renamed Product Attributes to Matrix Options.
  7. For easy identification in the product list, Matrix Parent products do not display the Cost and Price fields or the Recipe, Modifiers, Copy Modifiers, and Inventory buttons.
  8. Added a Prep Time to the product import/export fields.
  9. Use 4 digits to display all product and ingredient cost.
  10. The detail page will display information based on the type of establishment:
    • Retail — Does not display Recipe check box or Modifiers check box on product’s details page.
    • Grocery — Does not display Recipe check box or Modifiers check box on product’s details page.
    • Revelite QSR — Does not display Recipe check box on product’s details page.
    • Revelite Retail — Does not display Recipe check box, Modifiers check box, or Inventory check box on product’s details page.
  11. Search feature now displays the active state of products.
  12. Clients can now save the particular product details they regularly use as a default setting. This will save them time when creating and editing products.

QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Sales tax and tax agency import and daily sync:
    • Import Sales Tax from QBD to Revel (only available to new Revel clients).
    • Import Tax Agency from QBD to Revel (only available to new Revel clients).
    • Daily sync of sales tax from Revel to QBD
    • Daily sync of tax agency from Revel to QBD
    • Tax breakdown on Sales invoice
  2. Multiple establishment support (Beta, only available by request):
    • User can connect to multiple establishment from same client URL with one QBD company
    • User can connect to multiple establishment from same client URL with individual QBD company
    • Connecting the same establishment to multiple companies is not possible

QuickBooks Online

  1. QuickBooks applies gift card payments to a liability account and not a payment account.
  2. Cash goes to a Cash on Hand account for new connections. Previously cash went to an non-deposit fund.
  3. Both way sync for employee information:
    • An employee created/updated on Revel’s Management Console will be created/updated on the QBO in five to ten minutes.
    • An Employee created/updated on QBO will be created/updated on the Management Console by the end of the day.
    • If there is a conflict, for example the user has updated the employee in both places, the QBO employee information will override Revel’s Management Console information.
  4. Tips are now recorded as non-taxable items.
  5. A credit memo is created instead of an invoice if sales for the day is negative.


Enhanced the layout of the online order receipt so that the wording is clearer and understood by the customer. The revised email receipt displays the following:

Sub Total $33.40
Tax $3.27
Tip $3.67
Paid $40.34

Reporting Enhancements

  1. Printed Sales Summary reports now display the settings used when printing the report.
  2. Locked the headers on the reports so that the headers are always visible when scrolling through the Establishment Payments report.
  3. Under the Reports enhancements section, we have a new End-of-Day report called “End of Day Action Log.” The report is accessed by going to Reports >Other Reports > End of Day. This report records every run of the End-of-Day process and communicates success or failure for any step in the process.
  4. By default the Payment Summary Order Transaction lists orders by order number.
  5. A class filter was added to the Product Mix report. Use the filter to display products from the selected class.
  6. A vendor filter was added to the Product Mix report. Use the filter to sort and group products by their primary vendor.
  7. Donations have been removed from Non-Taxable sales and are now displayed as a separate line item on the Sales Summary and Establishment Payments reports.
  8. The Unpaid Orders check box was removed from the Payment Summary report.
  9. A Show All filter was added to the Labor reports. It causes the report to display and calculate against total Net Sales instead of Employee sales when the report is filtered by employee.
  10. The Customer Orders Items report now includes a column for the product barcode.
  11. The layaway column does not display on the Inventory Summary Reports. If layaway is not enabled under inventory settings.
  12. Display the discount code in the Discounts/Voids report.
  13. Include item weight on order history.
  14. Replaced Seat count with Guest Count on the Sales Summary Report.
  15. The Reward Card Report now displays the amount of visits rewards and purchase rewards if the client uses those programs.
  16. Under the Reports enhancements section, there is a new Reservations report located in Reports > Other Reports > Table Reservation. This report tracks dining parties handled through the Table Reservation module and can be filter by: reserved, checked in, no show, and seated.

Service Fees

  1. Added EFTPOS, Diners, JCB and debit cards to the types of payments which can incur service fees.
  2. Replaced the delivery and auto bag charge settings with service fees.


  1. The Print Tax ID labels can now be edited.
  2. Prevent editing of the Untaxed group and 0% tax rate. Restored the default Untaxed group and rate where it has been changed.


  1. Happy hour settings have been removed from Product Details. Now use time slot on based discounts to setup Happy Hour deals.
  2. The use of a manager PIN to approve a discount is now logged on the Action Log.
  3. Updated iPad offline notification settings:
    • They do not appear for stations used for testing.
    • Can no longer be dismissed.
  4. When Revel generates barcodes for products (as in Product Export) it uses the format that is set up in the Advanced Settings menu.
  5. Increased the size of the Recipe, QTY field.
  6. Added “show active products only” as a product search filter.

Revel iPad POS Enhancements

Bar Tabs

Revel has extended support for bar tab and table pre-authorization for Intuit payments.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  1. By setting on the Management Console, cashiers may be prompted to attach a customer record to the order on order creation or on payment.
  2. Added a Company Name field to the Customer Creation form.
  3. Automatically fill in the phone number field of a new customer with the phone number input into the customer search field.
  4. An “Add to Order” button was added to the customer detail page to make linking the customer to the order as easy as possible.
  5. Added contract expiration field to the Customer window. It is an available setting on the Management Console.


  1. POS inventory management fields do not display if Inventory is turned off on the Management Console.
  2. Search by BIN and Vendor name is now available in Inventory.
  3. Receiving Inventory from Purchase Orders on the iPad has been entirely updated to leverage the new capabilities of Purchase Orders, including changes in quantity and cost, creation of receiving events and input of Vendor Invoice Numbers.

Kitchen Print

  1. Dining type special requests and modifiers now print in red. The default setting is ON, but it can be set to OFF.
  2. By backend settings, clients can control how modifiers are sorted for display and printing on the KDS and kitchen printers.

Kitchen Printer Templates

  1. Added template support for grouping of modifiers by seat. Items and modifiers can now be grouped together with the corresponding seat number printed next to them, for example:

    2 guests
    Guest 1 in seat 1 orders Rib-eye steak (medium)
    Guest 2 in seat 2 orders Rib-eye steak (medium rare)

    Kitchen receipt print:
    2- Rib-eye steaks (1, 2)
    1 Medium (1) 1 Medium rare (2)

    This enhancement requires a custom template.

  2. Added a template for Fire Course tickets to the Epson printer. The time the course was fired will be displayed next to the course name, for example Course 3, 8:46 PM.

Logging & Reporting

  1. Total hours worked for the payroll reporting week are now printed on clock-out slips.
  2. A warning appears when a manager tries to print an employee sales report if the employee has open orders.

Payment, Discounts, Tips & Receipts

  1. Cashiers maybe required to input the tendered amount when accepting cash payments.
  2. The tender type is now displayed when a cash refund is completed.
  3. Several order items can now be easily discounted simultaneously.
  4. The POS now handles PayPal tipping the same way it processes tips using a credit card. The new process captures PayPal tips through the batch process as with other payment providers.
  5. Clients who use iZettle can now use Near Field Communication (NFC) devices to make payments.
  6. Separate receipts can now be printed for split bills on the Russian Shtrih-M fiscal printer.
  7. Users can set a spend limit on orders. If the limit is set and an order reaches the limit amount no other items can be added to the order. The limit includes all modifications that affect order price including tax, fees, and discounts. To add items to the order over the maximum order amount, a user must enter a valid manager PIN.
  8. Barcodes can be added to an email receipt. These barcodes can be scanned from the printed receipt or from the screen of a phone.
  9. Added refund functionality for debit cards using Intuit Payments.
  10. The system will print receipts for orders discounted by 100% just as if a payment had been tendered.
  11. For customers whose payment gateway support EBT, EBT cash and EBT food stamp can now be enabled or disabled by Payment Options under Stations.
  12. Clients have the option of discounting weighted products by the unit, or by the total weight.


  1. Products that are sold by weight can now be priced up to four positions past the decimal point.
  2. Matrix inventory items are automatically added to orders when all attributes are selected.
  3. Restored the ability to split combo savings across multiple products when using group combos.
  4. The Manage Item Mode now contains a Cancel button to discard all changes made when modifying category or sub-category.
  5. Item quantity is no longer limited to 99.
  6. Implemented basic and advanced Add Extra item functions. Basic only has three fields: the product name, price, and tax. Advanced has more fields (description, class, barcode, SKU, cost…).

Quick Service Management

  1. Stacked order notifications are only removed when the order is either closed or held.
  2. Made it easier for the user to merge and transfer Quick Service orders.


Added support for refunds to online payments taken through Verifone/Payware.

Rewards and Gift Cards

  1. Improved the feature that displays all the reward types a customer uses.
  2. A new receipt template was created for the Epson and Star printers for gift cards. Gift card information can now be printed on the customer receipt. Information includes the card number, original card balance, amount added, amount used, and the current balance.
  3. Revel now supports Patronix gift cards.

Service Fees

A service fee can now be automatically applied for Diners and JCB cards.

Shipping & Handling

  1. Shipping orders display Combo Items as one item on a shipping order.
  2. FedEx and UPS shipping options can be limited. For example, if overnight shipping is not allowed it can be disabled and not offered as a shipping option.
  3. Shipping addresses are verified prior to accepting the UPS shipping option.

Table Management

Two new icons have been added to the iPad POS user interface and enable the following:

  • Transfer Order — Transfer orders has been updated to easily select multiple orders and transfer them to a different employee. By default, you can only transfer to employees who can both manage orders and are clocked-in. This functionality, together with move/merge orders, is accessed using the icons below the table.
  • Move/Merge Order UI — Displays all active tables and bar tabs and allows users to move one order, or combine multiple orders to another table. Users can move both tables and bar tabs either to a table or bar tab. The destinations are listed on the right, sorted by layout section and bar tabs.
    NOTE: Payments cannot currently be moved and will be refunded. Transfer Order and Move/Merge Order do not reference a bar tab if the Bar Tabs feature is turned off on the Management Console.


The Print Tax ID label can now be edited if needed for GST countries.


  1. Till alerts now include the location of the cash drawer. A till alert sends an email when a till reaches the maximum dollar amount allowed.
  2. The system displays an on-screen warning when the cash in a drawer exceeds the user-defined limit.

Digital Menu Board

API Support

Digital Menu Boards can now be created and manipulated using an API.

Time Slot Support

Added time slot support to the Digital Menu Board.


Kitchen/Expedite View

A double tap anywhere on the KDS or Expedite screen will mark an item as “In Progress” or “Completed”.

Tile Expedite View

  1. The Group by Quantity setting allows identical items to be grouped by quantity in the Tile Expedited mode. Identical means either identical status or identical displayed information. The Group by Quantity option is only available in the Tile Expedited mode.
  2. Users can set whether a single tap will close or complete orders with waiting items.


Credit and Gift Cards

Added the ability to remove credit and gift card payment buttons from the kiosk by manipulating the POS station payment options on the Management Console.


”Display on Kiosk” and “Display Online” are no longer available under product details. Instead, the Kiosk now uses custom menus to control which products it displays.


Modifiers are no longer automatically pluralized.