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Taste success with Revel iPad Point of Sale

The Revel Winery POS system is fully loaded with tools to help wineries reach their potential. Get granular and track the exact amount of alcohol poured so you know when is the right time to restock wine bottles. Revel’s integration with ShipCompliant makes wine-specific shipping regulations a breeze.  Ensure customers have the best tasting experience possible with easy customer relationship management and a suite of other features.

Shipping compliance

Revel’s POS works with ShipCompliant so that you meet winery-specific shipping regulations.

Ingredient Inventory

Track the exact amount of alcohol poured so you know what to restock and when.

Intelligent Reporting

Save time with reports that explain your business progress and projection to you.

Loyalty Programs

Start your own wine club to build customer loyalty and offer rewards.

Mobile Ordering

Place and process orders from anywhere on the floor.

Always On Mode

Keep business up and running during an Internet slowdown or power outage.

The reason we chose Revel iPad Point of Sale is we needed to bring the cash register to the guest.
- HALL Wines
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