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The Revel Deli POS is equipped to handle a high volume of orders in a short amount of time, making the most out of your deli business. Track each sandwich topping with ingredient level inventory management and integrate employee management to make scheduling and payroll easy. Even integrate with digital menu boards and customer facing displays to showcase specials and promotions.

Ingredient Level Inventory Management

Track inventory of each ingredient so you know what to restock and when.

Recipe Control

Detail sandwiches down to individual ingredients and monitor stock levels of each item.

Mobile Ordering

Let customers skip the line and place orders on the go from their mobile device.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage customer preferences and view purchase histories.

Scale Integration

Scales integrate directly to your POS without double entry which allows for fast communication.

Delivery Management

Ensure deliveries are made on time with driver tracking and estimated delivery times.

I don’t think there’s a system out there that can manage the finances, cash, tips, etc. any more efficiently than Revel iPad Point of Sale in Seattle.
- Madison Kitchen
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