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One-stop shop for Point of Sale.

The Revel Convenience Store POS System helps you cater to customers 24/7 while making management simple. Keeping track of every item in your store can be a hassle. Let Revel simplify the inventory management for you with real-time inventory tracking and detailed product mix reports. Protect yourself from underaged liquor purchases with prompts on the Point of Sale screen reminding you to verify identification cards.

Inventory Management

Keep track of your inventory levels in real-time so you know what to restock and when.

Custom Permissions

Set specific access levels and privileges for each employee.

Universal Barcode Reading

The Revel iPad POS can read any factory level barcode and follows all barcode standards.

Always On Mode

Keep business up and running during an Internet slowdown or power outage.

DTT Security Integration

Have full supervision of your business with surveillance systems and loss prevention.

Compliant with PCI/P2PE Standards

Revel’s strict compliance with PCI/P2PE standards ensures your business data is secure at all times.