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Cinnabon began as a bakery in 1985, and has grown into a global phenomenon. Owned by Focus Brands, it has over 800 franchise locations in the United States and continues to grow internationally. Their menu hosts several bakery treats and coffee beverages, but they are most famous for the Cinnabon® Classic Roll, complete with Makara® Cinnamon and whipped cream cheese frosting.

The Revel Challenge

Enterprise Oversight

Cinnabon is a very large quick service chain, and chose Revel because it allows them to track and manage business data for every establishment, with the ability to oversee multiple locations from an overview or individual location views.

Robust Employee Management

With a large franchise comes a large labor force. Revel’s enterprise employee management allows managers to schedule employees throughout multiple locations and designate permissions for employee roles from a high level.

Cinnabon happy employee

The Revel Solution

Cinnabon needed to meet EMV standards in the U.S.; by choosing Revel, Cinnabon was able to quickly roll out a system that not only met EMV Standards with PCI Compliance, but was also able to accept contactless payments like ApplePay and LevelUp. Revel's real-time labor and sales reporting, intuitive iOS interface, reliable Apple hardware, and powerful security allows Cinnabon to run the most efficient iPad Point of Sale system.

"My experience working with Revel has been fantastic. They have been highly responsive and very open to collaboration, so much so that I’m looking forward to sitting down with them and brainstorming on how we architect our guest experience moving forward."

"I don’t know what the future holds, but by having Revel I am better prepared for it."

Revel Systems creates a better experience for the guest in terms of visibility with the customer facing display, but it also helps from a team member standpoint. It’s easy for them to use and frees them up to do what’s most important, which is deliver that “wow” experience for the guest.
- Joe Guith, President of Cinnabon, Cinnabon, Atlanta, GA

Why Revel

Cinnabon has rolled out Revel to over 98 locations, and has designated the system as its new standard iPad Point of Sale. By adding customer-facing displays, Guith and his team feel "future-proofed" and know that they have technology that they can evolve with over time. From enterprise reporting capabilities to the most secure cloud technology, Revel Systems is able to innovate the guest experience and increase sales for one of the largest franchise chains in the world.