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Cut your overheads this month with Revel!

Cut your overheads this month with Revel!

It’s no secret that operating a small business today is a tough gig. Competition is high, securing great staff is a challenge, margins are tight and keeping up with all the associated costs of running your operation can at times be overwhelming. While there are some overheads that can be cut relatively easily to maintain a steady cash flow, others are integral to your operation such as a robust POS solution.

So much more than a means to record and process transactions, a robust POS platform is your business partner. It helps you to pin-point peaks and troughs during service and identify popular items via up-to-the-minute reporting; it helps you accurately account for inventory and wastage; and it enables you to integrate with industry-leading third-party providers, giving you the tools you need to provide the best service that you possibly can.

We here at Revel Systems have developed a state-of-the-art point of sale platform that has been designed to help businesses like yours succeed and until the end of this month, we’re offering some great discounts to help you run your business on the best POS technology available. Whether you want to purchase your hardware outright, or roll all your costs into one monthly fee, Revel is offering fantastic discounts to suit the unique needs of your business. But hurry, these offers are only available for clients in the Asia-Pacific region until the end of April, 2017. Contact us today on +65 3163 3097 or for all the details!