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Getting Started: QUICK-SERVICE

Follow this playlist for your step-by-step guide to onboarding your Quick Service Restaurant Revel POS and platform.


Advanced Features

Learn how to configure advanced feature settings. Loyalty Programs, Gift Cards, Advanced Payment options, and more are covered in this section. Review this playlist for your introduction into advanced functionalities.

    What We'll Cover:
  1. Catering Overview
  2. Creating a Delivery Fee
  3. Delivery Management Overview
  4. Gift Cards on the POS
  5. Setting Up a Loyalty Program
  6. Creating Rewards Cards and Redeeming Points
  7. Creating a Loyalty Discount
  8. Invoice Reporting
  9. Setting Up Gift Cards
  10. Setting Up Invoices
  11. Setting Up House Accounts
  12. Using Delivery Management on the POS
  13. Creating a Custom Menu for Online Ordering
  14. Online Ordering Settings
  15. Setting Up a Kiosk
  16. Voucher Payments
  17. Creating a Custom Menu on a Kiosk


Before You Begin

Let’s go over a few key terms that will be helpful in setting up your Point of Sale System. As we go through the tutorials, you’ll get familiar with your Management Console, Hardware, and Point of Sale.

    What We'll Cover:
  1. Welcome to Revel Self-Onboarding
  2. Guide to Getting Started
  3. Setting Up Your Payment Processor
  4. Get to Know Your Resources



Learn how to create two types of combos in this section. You'll be able to create new offerings with Group Combos and make add-ons easy with Upsell Combos.

    What We'll Cover:
  1. Creating Group Combos
  2. Creating Upsell Combos



Customer experience made easy. Learn how to add customers to your Customer Relationship Manager and how to set up groups to easily offer your loyal customers rewards.

    What We'll Cover:
  1. Adding a New Customer
  2. Adding Customer via Spreadsheet
  3. Creating Customer Groups


Customer Management

Connect to your customers with your Customer Relationship Manager. Learn how to add and manage customer profiles in your CRM.

    What We'll Cover:
  1. Managing Your CRM on the POS
  2. Adding Customers to Orders



This section covers Discounts. Review these videos to set up Discounts through your Management Console and on your POS. After finishing this section, you'll be able to offer your customers a variety of Discounts.

    What We'll Cover:
  1. Introduction to Discounts on Management Console
  2. Creating a Percentage Discount
  3. Creating a Happy Hour Discount
  4. Creating a BOGO Discount
  5. Stackable Discounts
  6. Discounts on the POS
  7. Creating a Customer Group Discount
  8. Price Tiers



Welcome to your Management Console! Check out this introduction, and continue on for more in-depth information on specific topics.

    What We'll Cover:
  1. Setting Up Employees Manually
  2. Roles & Role Permissions
  3. Assigning Roles & Wages
  4. Administrator Permissions


End of Day Process

Learn how to close efficiently with End of Day Process. This section covers how to set up End of Day steps and manage credit card tip processing in one easy Batch.

    What We'll Cover:
  1. Running the End of Day Process
  2. Tip Adjustment & Batch Processing
  3. End of Shift Process


Hardware Setup

Let's set up your hardware. After configuring your Management Console, you're ready to set up and connect your hardware. We'll walk you through unboxing, set up, and running test transactions on your hardware.

    What We'll Cover:
  1. Setting Up Your Apple ID
  2. First Time App Setup
  3. Setting Up Your QSR POS
  4. Running a Test Transaction


Ingredients & Recipes

This section covers Ingredient capabilities in your Management Console. With Ingredient management, you will be able to manage your inventory to the smallest levels. Learn how to create Recipes to track Ingredient usage.

    What We'll Cover:
  1. Adding Ingredients
  2. Creating Recipes
  3. Creating Recipes on Modifiers
  4. Barcodes on Stock Units



This section covers inventory management. Learn how to manage your products down to the ingredient level, automate low stock alerts, and manage transfers between restaurants. After watching this playlist you will have the tools to maintain accurate views of your inventory.

    What We'll Cover:
  1. Introduction into Inventory
  2. Adding Vendors & Attaching Ingredients
  3. Setting up Your Shipping Address
  4. Purchase Orders
  5. Barcodes on Stock Units
  6. Low Stock Alerts & Reordering
  7. Inventory on the POS
  8. Return Merchandise Authorizations
  9. Multi-Establishment Inventory Transfer
  10. Prep Batch Recipes


Menu Building / Product List

This playlist outlines the menu building process. Learn how to build out and organize your menu both manually and via Excel upload. Move on to learn additional settings, including how to group menu items together or create open-ended items for more functionality.

    What We'll Cover:
  1. Building Your Menu
  2. Menu Building via Excel
  3. Product Classes
  4. Product Groups
  5. Setting Up Modifiers
  6. Navigating Product Details
  7. Manage Item Mode: Menu Building on the POS
  8. Setting Up Price Override
  9. Display & Print Options
  10. Custom Menus


Onboarding Wizards

Use these onboarding wizards to get the most out of your Revel POS system.

    What We'll Cover:
  1. Introduction to Your Management Console
  2. Products Wizard
  3. Taxes Wizard
  4. Receipts Wizard
  5. Employee Wizard
  6. USAePay Payments Wizard


Schedules & Payroll

Standardize your scheduling with Time Sheet Rules. Settings allow you to ensure you are legally compliant with local rules and allow you to set parameters for your employees.

    What We'll Cover:
  1. Time Sheet Rules
  2. Scheduling Employee Shifts
  3. Employee Time Worked
  4. Payroll


Service Fees

Learn how to create fees such as delivery fees or container fees in your Management Console. After completing this section you will be able to apply fees automatically.

    What We'll Cover:
  1. Creating a Service Fee
  2. Service Fees on the POS



In this section we'll introduce important Management Console and POS settings. Let's walk through these videos to configure your settings.

    What We'll Cover:
  1. Basic POS Settings
  2. Receipt Settings
  3. Quick Service Settings
  4. Inventory Settings
  5. Setting Up Your End of Day Process
  6. Refreshing Your POS
  7. RevelGuard Set-Up
  8. RevelGuard Set-Up
  9. Setting Up Products to Specific Printers


Start of Day Process

We'll introduce you to your POS start of day functionalities in this section. Learn how to log in/clock in and how to manage your till.

    What We'll Cover:
  1. Introduction into Your POS
  2. Logging In & Clocking In
  3. Till Management for Quick Service


Transactions & Orders

Let's cover transactions and orders. This section will walk you through the steps to ensure you can take orders and process transactions.

  1. Introduction into Orders & Transactions
  2. How to Take an Order for Quick Service
  3. Running a Cash Transaction
  4. Running a Credit Transaction
  5. Credit vs Credit Manual vs Credit Plus
  6. Voids, Comps, & Refunds for Quick Service
  7. Store to Store Returns
  8. Orders on the POS
  9. Refunds for Excess Payments

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