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Point of Sale Processes

Point of Sale Processes

Refunds for Excess Payments

Did you know that you can refund excess payments on the POS anytime there’s a negative balance due? You can even process a refund if an existing payment is not present in the system, just like with receiptless returns, old orders, or payments taken with a 3rd party system.

Point of Sale Processes

POS Revamp – Orders & Payments

As part of the 2.31 release, Revel redesigned the POS interface to be more intuitive and easier to use. In this video, we’ll walk you through some of the major changes you’ll find in the 2.31 POS app.

Point of Sale Processes

Orders on the POS

Getting to know the different features of your point of sale will help you optimize the efficiency and flow of your business. In this video, we’ll walk you through different sections of the POSs. You will be able to see which buttons easily improve the speed of your transactions.

Point of Sale Processes

Store to Store Returns

If you have a multi-establishment business, with Revel, you can easily process returns at any location, regardless of where the original transaction occurred. This is called “store to store returns”. Let’s walk through the process of setting this up.

Point of Sale Processes

End of Shift Process

While the the End of Day process is a great tool to close out an entire business day, the End of Shift process is used to reconcile a till for just one employee at the end of their shift. Let’s explore the End of Shift Process.

Integrated Services

Creating a Delivery Fee

Set up Delivery Fees to apply to your delivery orders. Standardize delivery fees with the option to auto apply.

Integrated Services

Catering Overview

Catering an event in a few weeks? Set up orders that can be scheduled for a delivery at a future date and allow for payment at a later date. Cater to your customers with these tools.

Point of Sale Processes


Have a commission based salesforce? Revel enables commission based settings allowing for specific settings on items, transferring, and split commissions.

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