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Table Service

Integrated Services

Setting Up Invoices

Invoices are a great tool that enable you to create an order that doesn't need to be paid in full right away. With Invoices, you can accept deposits and accept full payment at a later date. But, first, the functionality must be enabled. Let’s walk through how to do that.

Integrated Services

Setting Up Gift Cards

Did you know that it’s more difficult to attract new customers than it is keep existing ones? Why not make it easier to attract new patrons by selling gift cards? In this video, we’ll talk you through how to set up gifts cards in Revel, so you can start selling them right away!

Integrated Services

Invoice Reporting

Once you’ve created invoices on the POS, you can view all details through the Invoice report in the management console.

Point of Sale Processes

Store to Store Returns

If you have a multi-establishment business, with Revel, you can easily process returns at any location, regardless of where the original transaction occurred. This is called “store to store returns”. Let’s walk through the process of setting this up.

Integrated Services

Creating Rewards Cards and Redeeming Points

After you’ve setup your loyalty program and the associated loyalty discounts you’re ready to start issuing rewards accounts that allow your customers to accrue and redeem points.


2.31 Feature Release

An overview of Revel's upcoming 2.31 release.

Discounts & Combos

Creating a Loyalty Discount

After you’ve setup your loyalty program and configured how your customers can earn points, you can create loyalty discounts which allows them to redeem rewards. If you haven’t set this up yet, make sure to watch the Setting Up a Loyalty Program video first. Then come back to this video to learn the next steps in setting up your program.

Inventory Management

Barcodes on Stock Units for Restaurant

With Revel, you can use barcodes on stock units to help manage the different sizes of your items. Stock unit barcodes are optional, but if you do choose to use them, make sure they are unique against all other barcodes, even product barcodes. Let’s learn how to set barcodes up for your restaurant or quick service business.

Point of Sale Processes

End of Shift Process

While the the End of Day process is a great tool to close out an entire business day, the End of Shift process is used to reconcile a till for just one employee at the end of their shift. Let’s explore the End of Shift Process.