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Point of Sale Processes

Till Management for Retail

Keep an accurate view of your tills from your POS. Learn about till management tools for Retail.

Menu Building

Setting Up Price Override

If you ever make price adjustments during the day, view this video to get an overview of the settings you'll need to configure to allow price overrides.

Setting Up Tax Rates

Every state has a unique set of tax rates and regulations. Set up your tax rates to comply with your state’s standards.

Point of Sale Processes

Setting Up Your Payment Processor

Payment Processing is an important component of getting your POS System functioning. Go through these steps to get your payment processor up and running. Give yourself some time, you’ll need 3-5 business days to set up.

Platform Settings

Setting Up Your End of Day Process

Managing end of day processes can be tough. Set up an End of Day set of steps to guide your managers and employees through your requirements.

Hardware Set Up

Setting Up Your Retail POS

Looking to set up your retail business POS hardware? This guide covers unboxing, setting up, and connecting all of your hardware properly.

Inventory Management

Setting up Your Shipping Address

Cut down time spent creating Purchase Orders. Add your shipping address to automatically populate each Purchase Order.

Point of Sale Processes

Welcome to Revel Self-Onboarding

Welcome to Revel University! Begin here for an introduction to your POS and platform. In this section you'll learn key terms and walk through the necessary first steps to get you on your way.

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