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2.40 Release Notes

An overview of new features and enhancements in Revel's 2.40 release.


Supercharge Your POS with the Technology Behind the Online Giants

Learn how to personalize the customer experience the way Amazon and other online giants use advanced data and engagement tools.

Hardware Set Up

Access Point Setup and Best Practices

Revel needs Access Points to provide a secure network. This Video will help you set up your access point and Power over Ethernet.


2.34 Release Notes

An overview new features and enhancements in Revel's 2.34 release.

Point of Sale Processes

Refunds for Excess Payments

Did you know that you can refund excess payments on the POS anytime there’s a negative balance due? You can even process a refund if an existing payment is not present in the system, just like with receiptless returns, old orders, or payments taken with a 3rd party system.

Price Tiers

Revel gives you the flexibility to set up a variety of pricing options for your items with Price Tiers. So if you're running a holiday promotion or creating a seasonal discounts, Price Tiers are easy to set up so they work exactly how you want them to. You can even use Price Tiers to offer discount pricing to a certain groups of customers, like VIPs or your Employees.

USAePay Payments Wizard

The payments setup wizard is a great tool designed to help you easily set up your Payment Processing with USAepay. In this video, we will be covering how to set up your payments account, whether you are a new or existing USAePay customer.

Platform Settings

Voucher Payments

Revel gives you the ability to use a unique voucher payment type that you can configure with fixed or open payment values. It’s important to note that all vouchers need to be separately generated and validated outside of your point of sale as Revel does not create or validate vouchers. Now let’s learn how to set-up payment this up.

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