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Revel Kiosks in Action at Revelry!

Did you order a drink at Revelry with our interactive kiosks? More than 800 people attended our party and over 2600 drinks were ordered at Revel Kiosks that night. Revel Kiosks are made to speed up lines and increase efficiency for major events like Revelry.

Perks of Revel Kiosks

  • Proven ROI
    At Revelry, Revels Kiosks helped reduce wait time and boost sales.

    • The bar saved over 40 minutes in credit card processing time, enabling bartenders to make more drinks.
    • At $8 per drink in average, Revel Kiosks helped generate over $2,500 in additional sales.
  • Advanced reporting
    To better plan for next year’s Revelry, we accessed reports that highlighted top selling drinks. This year, our top sellers were:
     1  Bourbon and Ginger Ale
     2  Vodka Soda
     3  Gin and Tonic
  • Enhanced customer experience
    Revelry attendees were excited to order their drinks on an interactive, fun, and sleek screen.

Revelry was a hit and our Revel Kiosks played a major role in its success. Learn more about Revel Kiosks by calling your Revel Account Executive today at +1 (415) 744-1433