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COVID-19 Response

Revel Systems Actions in Response to Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19)

The global effects of Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) are far-reaching and and continue to develop. As we adjust to this ever-changing environment, Revel is actively monitoring developments related to the outbreak. We’re committed to providing updates on the initiatives we have in place to ensure the health and safety of our employees and clients.

New Features Released in Response to COVID-19

As COVID-19 took the world by storm, our team reevaluated our product roadmap for the year. The goal was to rapidly deliver new features to help clients drive business and meet new industry requirements. Read our release for a closer look at Revel’s newest features, including enhancements to online ordering, pickup and delivery, customer marketing and more.

Explore Revel Go™: A Standalone Online Ordering Solution

We’re offering our online ordering solution as a standalone option called Revel Go™. You can launch this solution in days, no matter what POS you use. You can also optionally include capabilities for delivery management. Revel Go allows you to keep online ordering in-house, helping you avoid the added fees that come with third-party services.

Diversify your revenue streams with Revel through integrated online ordering and delivery management. Fill out this form to get started.

Employee Action Plan

The health and safety of our employees is very important to us, and we have a team continually reviewing new information as it comes in related to COVID-19 developments.

All travel has been suspended unless it is considered essential to business needs. We have also established a four-tier escalation ladder to respond to changes that directly impact Revel’s global workforce. Our team is responding to shifts in recommendations by the government based on tiers. Today, our offices are following these protocols:

San Francisco: Mandated work from home policy effective until further notice.
Atlanta: Mandated work from home policy effective until further notice.
Lithuania: Mandated work from home policy until further notice.
Arizona: Our fulfillment center is still operational. Work stations are being cleaned often, and Revel is serving individually packaged lunches to mitigate outside interactions. Employees are required to sit 3-6 feet apart at all times, and are being checked for fevers daily.

Status of Business Operations

Our ability to quickly and effectively provide hardware to our clients is a top priority. Revel fulfillment teams across the world are working tirelessly to get all orders out as quickly as possible to ensure business continuity for our clients.

Since the spread of COVID-19 in China became apparent in February, Revel began taking proactive measures to stock up on goods we purchase from there. As a result of this action, Revel is equipped to handle and fulfill ongoing customer requirements for the foreseeable future. As China continues to move toward normalizing operations, we have already seen recent improvements in the supply chain and inventory availability. In other countries still affected by COVID-19, we are monitoring their status and ensuring on-hand availability of those devices as it relates to availability for our customers.

Our operations teams are working extended hours to meet clients’ needs during these uncertain times.

Installation Services

To help fight the spread of the COVID-19, we are temporarily suspending our on-site implementation services until further notice. We will reevaluate the end date throughout this period, and resume onsite services as soon as it is safe to do so.

In the meantime, our implementation consultants are ready to help clients remotely with hardware setup and point of sale configuration via phone, text, email, or video calls. While we can’t be physically present at a business during this period, we’re committed to supporting our clients with the same industry-leading support they know to expect from our team.

Additionally, given the growing state and municipal restrictions on the number of guests permitted in restaurants and retail shops, we will provide additional consulting on Revel’s revenue-boosting online ordering and delivery services modules, free of charge. Just get in touch with your implementation team member if you’re interested!

Please contact with any questions, and thank you for being a valued client.

Support Tips & Helpful Links

Even though our support teams are working from home, Revel clients will still receive the same level of world-class, 24/7 support. For answers to common how-to and troubleshooting questions, including setup information about Online Ordering, please visit our Help Site.

Industry Tips for COVID-19 Business Adjustments

We’ve rounded up some industry tips and resources for keeping your employees and customers safe. Check out the articles below for tips to lessen the impact of COVID-19 on your bottom line. And if you’re looking for content to consume in light of adjusted operational hours, we are sharing webinar information for you as well.

National Restaurant Association to Host Virtual Restaurant Conference

Main Street Strong will bring together independent restaurants to learn from one another amid today's challenges. The October 8 event is already scheduled to feature keynote speakers Stephanie Izard, Executive Chef/Partner of Girl & the Goat, Little Goat, Duck Duck Goat, and Cabra along with Tanya Holland, Chef & Restaurateur of Brown Sugar Kitchen.

The COVID Communications Checklist for Restaurants

Quick-service restaurants are adapting business models pretty well, but what about the online eCommerce experience? Customers in all sectors want to be heard, reassured and have their new needs met. Now is the time to provide proactive customer service. Here's how to take action and ensure a good customer-facing e-commerce experience, promote take out and online apps for delivery, while increasing online delivery services and quality of web-based service interactions.

ILSR Big List of C-19 Assistance Programs

Explore the ongoing list of grant and loan programs that can help small, locally owned businesses weather the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reopening Design Strategies: Rebuild Trust Through Visibility

The keys to rebuilding business lost during the pandemic shutdown lie in visibility. From open for business signage to posted safety precautions, read more on how to reassure and regain customers.

Restaurants Rise: Trend Watchers on Pandemic-Proof Menu Innovations and Surprising Menu Trends Revivals

Menu trend experts Bret Thorn of Nation’s Restaurant News and Restaurant Hospitality and Nancy Kruse of The Kruse Company discuss how trends like QR codes are getting new life and innovations like alcohol to go are making headlines as the dining industry pivots its way through the pandemic.

How COVID-19 Has Changed the Off-Premises Game Forever

Restaurants are thinking way outside the box with their menus and branding as they learn to game the off-premises system. Learn how restauranteurs are adopting new strategies and testing new concepts without the expense of full brick-and-mortar locations.

Best Practices for Cleaning iPads and Card Swipes

Revel runs on the iPad. To our clients servicing their patrons in-store, follow these steps from Apple and best practices from Ingenico for cleaning your devices to help protect your team members and your hardware.

View Ingenico Guidelines here.

Contactless "Tap" Payments

To help prevent the spread of germs, encourage your customers to use their mobile devices or contactless cards to complete payments at your establishment.

Webinars and Continued Learning Resources

Restaurant Inventory Management: Features and Benefits

Our most recent webinar focused on restaurant inventory essentials—from ingredient and product tracking, to recipe building, to cost-saving insights using Revel’s robust inventory management tools. Tune in to watch a Revel product expert demo how to take advantage of these features, followed by a Q&A.
Watch Recording.

The Future of Online Ordering [Recording Available]

Online ordering has emerged as a mission-critical feature for restaurants and retailers. As we look ahead to a post COVID-19 world, it will continue to play a major role. In case you missed it, watch our webinar hosted by QSR Magazine, in which Revel product experts discussed the future of online ordering, followed by a Q&A.
Watch Recording.

Adopting Modern Payment Solutions for Success [Recording Available]

In our most recent webinar, Revel payment experts shared the benefits of adopting more modern payment solutions, and why integrated options are becoming increasingly important to keep up with customer demands.
If you’re interested in learning more about Revel Advantage, our in-house payment processor featuring best-in-class processing and industry-low rates, connect with your sales representative for available offers, or fill out this brief form.
Watch Recording.

Back to Business: Revel’s New COVID-19 Solutions [Recording Available]

Our product engineering team has been hard at work on new features specifically designed to address the many challenges introduced by COVID-19. Our recent webinar gives listeners a detailed look at these rolling feature updates to Revel Version 2.59.
Watch Recording.

Back-to-Business: Inventory Management Webinar [Recording Available]

As businesses continue to adjust to a changing reality, it’s important to prepare for general business readiness. In our most recent back-to-business webinar, Revel experts walked listeners through best practices for managing and maintaining inventory.
Watch Recording
View Full Q&A

Webinar: Leveraging Your Online Ordering Solutions [Recording Available]

In case you missed it, watch our recorded webinar featuring Maple Street Biscuit Company’s creatively executed response to COVID-19. Revel’s professional services team also offered online ordering insights on how to optimize your online ordering solution and meet your customers’ evolving needs. Watch Recording.

Online Ordering Webinars

If you’ve had to make some major changes to your operations, chances are you’ve got a little more available time on your hands. Here are a few webinars on Revel resources and industry recommendations you may want to explore:

As many businesses are assessing online ordering capabilities in the wake of COVID-19, Revel’s professional services team has launched a series of training sessions to help our clients successfully launch online ordering with Revel.

We are hosting webinars to provide attendees with an overview of how the platform works, paired with information on the setup and configuration steps required to launch online ordering.

The training sessions are free, and attendees do not need to sign up in advance. Check Revel’s Online Ordering Resource Center for schedules and participant links for future sessions, as well as for additional online ordering resources.

COVID-19 Information and Resources from the National Restaurant Association

The National Restaurant Association has compiled information and resources for foodservice establishments seeking guidance through this unprecedented event. Review their industry-specific guidance compiled for owners and operators seeking the latest information.

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