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Download the TCO White Paper

Total Cost of Ownership White Paper

The goal of this white paper is to understand the differences in long term expenses between Revel Systems Point of Sale (POS) and legacy Point of Sale.

If only a few decades ago, the point of sale was simply a cash register for many businesses around the world, it has tremendously evolved over the past 10 years to becomes a critical part of any business. And it is now so powerful that it is seen as the central nervous system of a business. Technology advances such as tablet devices and cloud technologies have enabled new POS vendors to come to life and offer a completely new approach that is placing the Point of Sale at the center of all business operations.

In today’s highly competitive landscape, being able to offer an outstanding experience to customers when they visit a store or restaurant is critical to win against convenient online stores like or the ever-growing list of food delivery services. In April 2016, Forrester Research conducted a study commissioned by Revel Systems,  Step Up The In-Person Experience, that surveyed enterprise restaurants and retailers with over 25 locations. 90% of respondents agreed that it is important to infuse digital capabilities into physical locations to improve customer experience, and indicated they were currently working on integrating new technology.

Download the white paper to learn more.