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Using Technology to Power Your Restaurant White Paper

Owners and operators of foodservice businesses are facing mounting pressure in today’s marketplace. Increasing competition, evolving consumer needs, and growing overhead costs are challenging restaurateurs to find new ways to stay ahead of the curve without sacrificing margins. Is it possible? Historically, the Point of Sale (POS) has merely been the physical space at which transactions occurred. But business owners are discovering that there’s a wealth of data that can be extracted to help drive revenue when the right tools are employed. A next generation POS platform can transform the way you do business, connecting your entire operation in ways you never thought possible.

As you start shopping for a Point of Sale solution, cautiously approach sales pitches like “our system was only built for your industry.” It could mean the system is still reaching maturity. At Revel, we pride ourselves on working in a variety of verticals, as every new opportunity teaches us new ways to address familiar problems, enabling us to update our system with unique functionality that can be applied in ways most businesses never would have dreamed possible. This perpetual learning is stunted within systems that only focus on a single industry, as it’s much harder to find new ways to look at old problems. As a result, single industry solutions typically only offer incremental improvements.

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