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Run Your Business in Real-Time, with POS Analytics & Reporting

Revel's reporting and analytics suite is designed to give you a complete view of your business. Access real-time insights from anywhere to keep up with inventory, track customer insights, and analyze sales data to guide your business decisions.

Sales Reporting

Manage your overhead with COGS and labor reports and be better prepared for future operations. Leverage Product Mix Reports and Hourly Sales Reports to identify your best selling products as well as those that aren’t worth the effort.

Inventory Reporting

Maintain a real-time view of available inventory, and proactively restock inventory to maintain ideal levels.

  • Restaurant - Identify your most profitable menu items, learn where you can reduce waste, and costs vs. profits on all of your items.
  • Retail - Make sure you're always stocked, utilize matrix inventory to make sure the right sizes or varieties are available to your customers.

Labor Reporting

Track employee productivity and measure employee costs against sales revenue. Optimize your labor scheduling to better align with business trends to reduce overspend.

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