Kiosk XT

Designed with consumer experience at the forefront, Revel’s Kiosk XT is a brandable self-service solution that frees restaurant and retail staff for strategic and service-oriented tasks, while increasing operational efficiency across the board.

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Make Ordering Approachable, Safe, and Personal

Your customers can place orders and pay with confidence through Revel’s Kiosk XT self-service solution. The kiosk’s intuitive design makes ordering a breeze, and allows them to input their order directly, reducing interpersonal contact while increasing order accuracy and service speed.

Enjoy A Fully-Integrated Kiosk Option

Because Kiosk XT is fully integrated with Revel’s platform, it supports features you already know and love from Revel’s traditional terminals, including upsell combos, split modifiers, Revel gift card payments, and more. Kiosk XT can also toggle to a manager dashboard, simplifying actions like refunds, returns, inventory management, and product setup for quick fixes and configuration.

Ensure Your Customers Never Miss a Message

Kiosk XT offers a beautiful and clear user interface. Not only does this lead to a great customer experience and quick ordering, but the branding capabilities available through this solution include visual-forward options for branded messaging and promotions. Display custom background images, videos, full-size product images, branded fonts and colors, and more.

Offer a Kiosk-Specific Menu

For even simpler order processing from Kiosk XT, optionally include a kiosk-specific menu. This solution supports configurable prompts for order type, so you can accommodate distinctions between options like to-go or dine-in orders with no problems.

Tailor Your Options for Guest Checkout

Capture pertinent information for your operations—such as call name, call number, buzzer number, table stand number, or other identifiers—through Kiosk XT. You’ll be able to fill orders seamlessly through this solution.

Combine Efficiency, Accuracy, and Service

Revel’s Kiosk XT is a modern re-envisioning of our legacy kiosk offering. With substantial improvements to the user experience, Kiosk XT offers a completely clear and engaging self-service experience.

Optimized for checkout efficiency and accuracy, Kiosk XT will reduce wait times, reduce waste due to order errors, free your staff for more demanding tasks, and immerse your customers in a fully-branded experience.

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