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Food Truck Point of Sale

A Mobile Solution for Your Mobile Business

A mobile solution for a mobile business. The Revel Food Truck POS is built specifically for businesses on the go. Our all-in-one solution runs on 4G iPads and uses the power of bluetooth printers. Ease management, from inventory to employee schedules, and increase sales with a full suite of features from real-time reporting to social media integration.

Take Your Operations on the Road

Revel Systems helps your business run from the road by removing the need for bulky hardware and networking equipment. Efficiently manage your entire operation on the go; from sales reporting to employee management, keep an eye on your business from the driver’s seat with the Insights App.

No Internet, No Problem

With Always on Mode, you can conduct business as usual and continue processing credit card orders even without access to the Internet.

Make Sure Your Menu Keeps Up

Add or remove items from your menu from the management console and push menu changes across multiple trucks with one touch.

Built to Keep Your Business Moving

Accurately process a high volume of orders with confidence that your POS will support you through the busiest lunch rushes.

Connect with Your Customers through a CRM

With Revel’s built-in CRM, you have the ability to better connect with your regular customers, create customer profiles with notes, and learn their preferences.

At Sajj, we definitely recommend Revel iPad POS for other businesses because of the simplicity in growing with this system.
- Sajj
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