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Bakery Point of Sale

The right ingredient for your bakery

The Revel Bakery POS is equipped to handle a high volume of bakery orders in a short amount of time, making the most out of your bakery business. Track each donut, muffin, bagel and scone topping with ingredient-level inventory management and integrate employee management to make scheduling and payroll easy. You can even integrate with self service kiosks and customer facing displays to handle quick business as well as showcase promos and specials.

Streamline your bakery operations

Sweeten your operations with a POS and platform that streamline your day to day; from prep control and inventory management through seamless checkouts and sales reporting.

Ingredient Level Inventory Management
Keep an eye on the ingredient levels for all of your donut, muffin, and scone recipes with ingredient-level inventory management, so you know when it’s time to reorder.
Recipe Inventory Control
Keep track of your baked goods recipes and monitor levels of flower, chocolate, vanilla, and other bulk items in your kitchen.

Revel has given us an edge. Now we’re cloud-based and everything is digital.
- Scafuri Bakery
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