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Revel's Channel Partners

Revel’s Channel Partner program is designed to help you drive revenue to your business simply by referring Revel’s intuitive point of sale and robust management console. Revel’s Channel Partners feel confident referring the Revel point of sale and platform because of Revel’s excellent sales, support, and professional services team.

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Why Partner with Revel?

Revel’s Channel Partners get to add a powerful offering to their portfolio that their customers will love. Channel Partners have a dedicated relationship manager and sales professional to provide high touch sales consultation to maximize your number of qualified referrals, and flexible compensation structures - all designed to build the relationship that works best for you.

Offer Technology Without the Investment

Revel’s Channel Partners get the best of both worlds - the ability to offer technology solutions to their customers without the time and investment of supporting the sales, onboarding, and support of a technology solution. Your customers get the benefit of the expertise of Revel’s internal teams while you receive revenue for every deal.

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