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Restaurant Management

Bring together the various components of running your restaurant with technology designed to make management easier, integrated directly with your Revel POS and platform.

Craftable is a fully-mobile restaurant management platform that is complete with ordering, invoice management, inventory, recipe costing, and integrates with accounting. Simple for the floor and powerful for the back-office.

Yellow Dog Inventory provides enhanced inventory management for retail and restaurant operations. Yellow Dog’s inventory system can add/update items in Revel as well as process sales in real-time with their webhooks. Includes mobile apps for physicals, requests, accepting transfers, and viewing recipes.

The PeachWorks Power Suite gives you control of critical restaurant functions that are vital for efficiency. Employee scheduling and inventory management made easy through a robust POS integration.

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Our new Revel Integrated program makes it easier than ever for partners to build integrations with our POS, while providing the marketing and sales support essential to drive strong adoption.

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