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Listen to what your business is telling you through Reporting data. These analytical tools help you look at the Revel iPad POS data from a bird’s eye view, and pinpoint where you can improve business operations.

Tenzo connects your POS with all of your other systems to save you time and stress while dramatically improving communication in your business. The solution automatically pulls labor, inventory, social media, and data, serving it up in a beautiful analytics suite.

Save time and dollars with an enterprise-grade back-office software that seamlessly integrates with Revel's point of sale. Decision Logic is your solution for tackling variance and lowering food and labor costs.

Boost customer visits and spend by 40% with the technology behind the online giants in your POS: actionable BI, automated campaigns, personalized loyalty programs, mobile app and integrated ordering and payments.

Marketman inventory management syncs with Revel POS and includes a mobile app for purchasing and stock taking, recipe costing and supplier integration.

The #1 draft beer monitoring system in hospitality. Track every ounce of draft beer and wine poured on every tap, reducing the average loss of 23% down to 3%.

DAVO automatically sets aside your sales tax daily, then files and pays on time and in full. Never worry about missing another sales tax payment. Guaranteed.

With Pepper you can greet your customers by name, offer them frictionless mobile payments and transfer gift card balances to their new branded app.

QSR Online assists you in discovering where you spend your money, so you can start to lower expenses and become more profitable.

DigitalPour helps maximize beer sales and profitability with their customer facing digital beverage dashboard.

Ctuit’s RADAR extracts the critical data from sales, labor and accounting that yields key intelligence upon which profitable business decisions are made.

Avero is the leading provider of Software-As-A-Service business intelligence and analytical applications that are designed specifically for the restaurant industry.

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Our new Revel Integrated program makes it easier than ever for partners to build integrations with our POS, while providing the marketing and sales support essential to drive strong adoption.

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