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Online/Mobile Ordering

Give your customers the flexibility to order online at their convenience. Get more orders, loyal customers and higher revenues by integrating one of our Online Ordering platforms with the Revel iPad POS System.

Chowly integrates your third-party online ordering platforms such as Grubhub, UberEats, Doordash, Caviar and more with your restaurants point of sale (POS). This lowers staffing costs, increases revenue, and reduces errors making your customers happier so you can spend more time on your business and less time manually entering orders.

Boost customer visits and spend by 40% with the technology behind the online giants in your POS: actionable BI, automated campaigns, personalized loyalty programs, mobile app and integrated ordering and payments.

Zuppler is the complete food ordering solution for food operations. As a global software and services company, Zuppler has launched thousands of beautiful menus for brands across the globe for online and on premise food ordering. Zuppler also integrates with Google Food Ordering, as well as leading delivery, loyalty, and payment providers.

Olo is a fully managed Software-as-a-Service platform designed for multi-unit restaurants of 10 or more locations.

ItsaCheckmate Inc. is the leading integrator for third party and online delivery platforms (such as GrubHub, UberEats, Postmates and 50 others). Our technology automatically accepts these orders, injects them into your Revel POS and sends them to the kitchen printers - without any manual involvement at all.

Deliverect integrates many of the leading third-party online ordering platforms to your Revel POS, centralizing menu management and sending orders straight to the POS and kitchen.

JoyUp is a commission-free ‘marketing to delivery’ solution that turns your social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) into order-taking engines, integrating delivery and pickup orders straight into your Revel POS!

atwareTech offers both base and fully customized online ordering solutions that are feature rich, fully responsive, and built for high volume operations for maximum efficiency.

Cuboh is a solution that consolidates restaurants' multiple online ordering tablets into one. Cuboh also offers 86ing, refunds, upcharges, prep times and more, acting as a universal remote to manage the online ordering side of the business. Cuboh then automatically punches orders straight into your POS, in real time; avoiding human error and providing actionable reporting data.

Waitrr is a QR mobile ordering and payment platform for restaurants, cafes & bars. Featuring: Pre-Ordering, Table-Ordering and Up-selling capabilities.

Incentivio is the only cloud-based digital guest experience platform that operates across mobile, web and in-store channels to help restaurants acquire new customers, drive visits & spending and increase loyalty and engagement. We offer branded online & mobile ordering, brand-centric loyalty, gift, delivery, CRM, data-driven marketing automation and analytics - powered by one platform.

RSVT provides a voice-enabled and natural-language-understanding platform that allows the customer to place online orders through Echo, Google Home, and iOS systems conversationally and hands-free.

Loyalty & digital ordering mobile app solution with a proven track record of achieving 12%+ revenue increase with white-labeled mobile apps and a powerful CRM-system.

Mobi2Go is an integrated online & mobile ordering platform that helps increase revenue, reduce in-store wait times, encourage customer loyalty and improve customer experience.

With the integration into Revel Online Ordering, LevelUp can present a native in-app ordering experience for it's 1MM+ active app users in order to drive order volume to restaurants for fulfillment.

With Pepper you can greet your customers by name, offer them frictionless mobile payments and transfer gift card balances to their new branded app.

Revel Online Ordering is fully integrated with your POS for seamless updates and inventory control.

Get more orders, bigger tickets and more loyal customers with Open Dining’s online ordering system.

Bar Pass provides exceptional digital experiences on mobile, tablet and web to the hospitality industry.

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