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Employee Management & Payroll

From scheduling to payroll, automatically sync Revel iPad POS data with our Employee Management platforms.

Save time and dollars with an enterprise-grade back-office software that seamlessly integrates with Revel's point of sale. Decision Logic is your solution for tackling variance and lowering food and labor costs.

Since their founding in 2014, 7shifts has helped restaurant managers schedule, evaluate, and communicate with the workforce. The 7shifts team is comprised of people who live and breathe restaurant culture.

Designed for independents, multi-unit franchise operators and international enterprise brands, HotSchedules serves over 2.8 million users across 159,000 locations in 56 countries helping them control costs, maintain compliance, improve visibility, increase profitability and drive operational consistency.

As the ultimate workforce manager, and an Apple Mobility Partner, Deputy offers best-in-class technology in a cloud-based solution that simplifies employee communication.

Integrated scheduling, timekeeping, and real-time POS sales. Tip pooling and complex distribution. Multi-unit and franchise. Mobile App.

Gratuity Solutions streamlines the complicated process of automating the calculation, management and payment of tips and hourly wages for FOH & BOH employees.

The PeachWorks Power Suite gives you control of critical restaurant functions that are vital for efficiency. Employee scheduling and inventory management made easy through a robust POS integration.

Zuus Workforce combines staff scheduling, time & attendance, HR, payroll integration and reporting into one workforce management platform.

Homebase is a free add-on solution for common labor management needs, like scheduling, time-off tracking, and labor reporting.

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Our new Revel Integrated program makes it easier than ever for partners to build integrations with our POS, while providing the marketing and sales support essential to drive strong adoption.

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