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iPad POS | 3 Unexpected Ways Your Restaurant’s Margins & Bottom Line Can Be Impacted

3 Unexpected Ways Your Restaurant’s Margins & Bottom Line Can Be Impacted

Managing Every Variable Running a successful restaurant isn’t just providing excellent food and pairing it with stellar service. Restaurant owners have to do so while managing a number of variables that can have a significant impact on their bottom line. While owners are doing their best to control costs, consumers are doing the same with their personal budgets. While the two forces may seem to be at constant opposition with one another, they don’t have...

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iPad POS | quick service burger drink

Top 4 Hardware Additions for Your Quick Service Restaurant

Hardware to Power Your QSR In 2014, McDonald’s was the highest grossing quick service restaurant (QSR) in the US according to QSR Magazine. The fast food giant brought in $35 billion in revenue besting runner up Starbucks by more than twenty billion dollars. Rounding out the top three QSRs by revenue was Subway, who lost the second place spot it previously held. Globally the QSR industry brought in $570 billion in 2015. And while it may be hard to...

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iPad POS | Shrink Your Shrink with Better Inventory Control

Shrink Your Shrink with Better Inventory Control

Taking Back Control of Your Inventory For business owners and managers everywhere, the end of the fiscal year means that one of the year’s most dreaded tasks must be addressed once again—inventory audits. Physical inventory counts may seem like a daunting exercise, but as a business owner, awareness of where and how errors occur can reduce the likelihood that minor mistakes become massive problems and take some of the punch out of the audits in...

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iPad POS | My Time With Chef Irvine: An Inside Look At The 2016 NRA Show

My Time With Chef Irvine: An Inside Look At The 2016 NRA Show

By: Chris Ciabarra, CTO and Co-Founder, Revel Systems A Look Back at NRA 2016 Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show. With over 2,000 exhibitors and 60,000+ attendees coming together to share the latest and greatest from the food service industry, NRA is a dream conference to attend. How can we improve? How can different players within the space work better together? What advancements have been made in...

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iPad POS | stats

Surprising Small Business Stats and How To Tackle Them

How well do you know the small business world? Forbes has gathered 6 years worth of knowledge to help give you a bit more insight behind the reality of small businesses. According to Forbes statistics and Entrepreneur’s Small Business at a Glance, it is apparent small businesses represent a huge chunk of the market with over 20 million small businesses in the U.S. alone.  Four Surprising Small Business Stats 1. Over 500,000 new businesses start...

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iPad POS | Revel Price Tags

Revel POS 101: The Price is Right!

Keeping Prices Right on Your POS Bonjour, business owners! Revel’s back at it again and we’ve got some great news for you. Do you own a business where you’re constantly changing product prices? If so, Revel can help you stay on track in this ever-changing environment. Let’s say you own a butcher shop and sell meat by the ounce. Depending on the cost you pay to the vendor, your meat prices may change daily. Or,...

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iPad POS | small business street

Searching for the Right Point of Sale: Top 4 POS Must-Haves for Your Business

The Right POS for Your Business So, you’re looking for a Point of Sale (POS) for your business. What now? What should you be looking for? It’s important you pick the right POS system for your business because it will be the heart of your operations, insight, and day-to-day management. A good start is to think off the top of your head what you want most in your system; what are your needs versus your...

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iPad POS | Revel at NRA 2016

Revel Activities at NRA Show 2016

A Look Ahead at NRA 2016 Join us on May 21-24 for the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show 2016! NRA is every restaurateurs’ dream, with access to 63,000+ foodservice pros and 4 days of jam-packed activities. If you are in Chicago, come by and try out new equipment, discover the latest emerging trends, and get hands-on culinary training. Foodservice professionals from all over the world are coming together to connect, taste, and network. Revel Systems...

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iPad POS | Tax April 15 Hacks Money Cactus

3 POS Tax Hacks To Save You Time And Money

Tax Season Made Easy I don’t know anyone who ever looks forward to tax season. Your neck and shoulder muscles are probably tightening just reading this. Take a deep breath. Revel’s unique partnership with Intuit QuickBooks means that you are already ahead of the tax-season game. Your Point-of-Sale system should be working for you, saving you time and a headache when it’s time to gather your annual income reports. So if you haven’t yet decided...

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iPad POS | Money Bills Cash Skrill

Revel POS 101: Table Management…AND YOU CAN TOO!

Making Table Management a Breeze Do you manage or own a table service restaurant? Do you wish there was an easier way to view and navigate the chaos that comes with a packed house? Don’t worry, Revel’s got your back. For our table service customers, Revel has enhanced the iPad Point of Sale table layout screen to increase efficiency and ease of use. The figure below displays the previous button layout from old versions: Figure...

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iPad POS | Texas Dallas Money Rich Quick Batman Superman

Tech Company Brings SF to Dallas

Revel’s Expansion into Dallas, TX Nothing seems to stop Revel’s expansion these days! We have now opened an office in Dallas, Texas! Austin is often regarded as the Texas tech center, and in the past few years, Dallas’ startup scene has been flourishing as well. With the city’s booming restaurant and quick service business, the demand for an iPad Point of Sale solution in the area makes Dallas an ideal location for Revel to expand....

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