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iPad POS | Pitchoun Bakery: Keeping Three Generations of Bakers Alive

Pitchoun Bakery: Keeping Three Generations of Bakers Alive

Have you ever felt you need to keep family tradition alive? Frédéric Soulies, owner of Pitchoun Bakery, comes from three generations of bakers, and it’s in his blood to bake. The entire concept behind his business is around memories with his grandparents. Soulies’ grandparents would always call him “Pitchoun,” which means “kiddo” in the south French dialect. And that’s where the name behind Pitchoun Bakery came from. It’s been a long journey for Soulies, from...

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iPad POS | millennial shopper

Who Is The Millennial Shopper? [Research Roundup]

An ever-changing tech landscape has conditioned the millennial shopper to embrace high-tech. New technologies affect shopping behaviors and evolving shopping behaviors affect technology—it’s a revolving door. This creates a complex, forward-thinking shopper. Researchers have long touted the importance of catering to millennials. Before going on a hashtag frenzy though, it’s time we learn and understand their shopping patterns. Who is the millennial shopper and what does this mean for business? Millennials, defined as those 18-34...

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iPad POS | restaurant

Checklist for Opening Your First Restaurant

Restaurants typically open out of an owner or chef’s passion for food, drink, and hospitality. However, restaurants only remain open as a result of strong business acumen and planning. A common statistic from a Cornell University study is that 60% of restaurants fail in their first year, and 80% close down in five years, so here’s a checklist of items to consider in order to open your restaurant doors and keep them from closing: Concept...

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iPad POS | Brick-And-Mortars New Role In A Digital World

Brick-And-Mortars New Role In A Digital World

Now that Thanksgiving leftovers have been cleared out of the fridge – we can digest the results from Black Friday and examine what this means for the future of brick-and-mortars. Reflecting on Black Friday Two major takeaways from Black Friday: Forbes reported that ten million more people shopped online than in stores and The National Retail Foundation found that there was an increase in holiday shoppers while a decrease in average spending per shopper. This proliferation...

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iPad POS | CRM

3 Ways To Crack The CRM Code This Holiday Season

Advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry in which companies are investing huge amounts of money to drive holiday sales. According to the American Association of Advertising Agencies, a 30-second national television commercial averages $342,000. And notably, a recent study by ORC International reported that 76% of respondents block ads online and skip traditional TV ads. This begs the question, who’s seeing these ads? Both digital and traditional advertising proves to be an expensive and at...

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iPad POS | hackathon

What to Expect at Revel’s First Hackathon

Revel is hosting it’s very first hackathon! We’re excited for everyone to join us on this quest. Don’t worry if you’ve never been a part of one. Considering that 30% of hackathon attendees are typically first timers, chances are you won’t be alone. Our Hackathon will kick off at 6pm sharp on September 8th and wraps at 3:30pm September 9th. If you’re a night owl or just wanna shake things up with an all-nighter, this...

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iPad POS | Revelry iPad POS Conference 2016

5 Big Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Revelry 2016

Have you ever wondered what other merchants are doing that’s driving their success? Ever wanted to rub shoulders with industry leaders and pick their brains? Ever wanted to attend a conference that got at the heart of small business pain points to help you ease some of that pain? Revelry 2016 is the event for you. Organized by Revel Systems in the beautiful city of San Francisco, Revelry brings together hundreds of Revel customers, partners,...

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iPad POS | search

Revel POS 101: Search Smarter Not Harder with Alternative Lookups

Tim Saving Practices: Alternative Lookups How much time, would you estimate, do you spend searching for specific products you offer customers? Probably much more than any business owner is really willing to give up. And when creating an excellent customer experience, timing is everything. To make finding products with diverse descriptions easier, Revel has introduced “Alternative Lookups” into our 2.16 build. This new feature allows users to create and designate additional names for available products....

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iPad POS | self serve kiosk

3 Ways to Maximize Your Cafe’s Self Serve Kiosk

Self serve kiosks are rapidly popping up in brick and mortar shops and can be a great asset in your cafe. A kiosk provides customer engagement and autonomy in making purchasing decisions. Since kiosks can be leveraged for a variety of purposes, having clear goals in mind is necessary to deliver the best possible experience for your customers. Here are three tips to help make the most out of your cafe’s self serve kiosk—enabling you...

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iPad POS | Back to school Apple iPads

Back-to-School Shopping In The Millennial Age

Meeting Millennial Back-to-School Needs Oh, the days of back-to-school shopping—that frenzy of looking for the trendiest threads and the coolest supplies. Shopping for the new school year is an exciting time for students, parents, and retailers alike. With spending on school shopping expected to reach $75.8 billion in 2016—a huge increase from last year’s $68 billion—retailers will need to be prepared. Possibly the most notable shift in today’s shopping environment? The Millennial shopper—those born between...

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iPad POS | 3 Unexpected Ways Your Restaurant’s Margins & Bottom Line Can Be Impacted

3 Unexpected Ways Your Restaurant’s Margins & Bottom Line Can Be Impacted

Managing Every Variable Running a successful restaurant isn’t just providing excellent food and pairing it with stellar service. Restaurant owners have to do so while managing a number of variables that can have a significant impact on their bottom line. While owners are doing their best to control costs, consumers are doing the same with their personal budgets. While the two forces may seem to be at constant opposition with one another, they don’t have...

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iPad POS | quick service burger drink

Top 4 Hardware Additions for Your Quick Service Restaurant

Hardware to Power Your QSR In 2014, McDonald’s was the highest grossing quick service restaurant (QSR) in the US according to QSR Magazine. The fast food giant brought in $35 billion in revenue besting runner up Starbucks by more than twenty billion dollars. Rounding out the top three QSRs by revenue was Subway, who lost the second place spot it previously held. Globally the QSR industry brought in $570 billion in 2015. And while it may be hard to...

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