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Revel’s hardware and service leasing program from Apple Financial Services

Substantially reduce upfront costs when implementing Revel solutions.

Revel is committed to providing our customers flexible payment options when purchasing our solutions. To that end, Revel Systems has entered into an agreement with Apple Financial Services to provide our clients leasing options when purchasing our Revel iPad-based point of sale system. This will reduce upfront costs for our customers as they can put purchases of hardware and select services on an extended payment plan.

Leasing options include:

– Apple Hardware

– Revel Care

– Apple accessories

– Installation and Training Services

– Non-apple equipment such as payment swipes, printers and more

The application process is simple and your Revel Sales Executive will facilitate the process to ensure it is complet- ed in a timely fashion.

Apple Financial Services is supported by DLL, a global vendor finance company with more than EUR 30 billion in assets and located in more than 30 countries.

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