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Payment Devices

A leader in ease-of-use for both customer and merchant, the Ingenico iPP350 ensures every payment is secure all the way to authorization. With Ingenico’s proven security measures, data encryption is maximized to prevent fraud and corrupt data.

Ingenico iSMP4

Lightweight and durable, the iSMP4 enables all payment methods – including EMV chip & sign, magstripe and NFC/contactless cards or mobile wallets– anywhere, anytime that a merchant and consumer interaction may take place.

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ID tech card swipe

ID Tech SecureMag (IDRE Series)

A compact yet powerful design, the SecureMag takes up minimal counter space while processing a high-volume of payments.

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Infinea Tab M card swipe

Infinea Tab M

The Infinea Tab M is a fast-performing mobile credit card swipe designed specifically for the iPad. It has a minimum swipe speed of 1.97 in/sec, and fits directly onto your Apple device.

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Ingenico device

Ingenico iPP350

The Ingenico iPP350 is a fast and compact credit card swipe. It is built with a 16-key backlit keypad and EMV capabilities.

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Portable ordering device

Portable Ordering Device

This portable ordering device encloses the iPad Mini with a secure credit card swipe to accept transactions. Orders can be taken directly from the table so servers can send out orders and complete payments table side.

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iSMP4 Mobile iPad Case

Simplify your mobile transactions by pairing your iSMP4 with your mobile order taker and letting employees handle everything on the floor. From retail to hospitality and beyond, enjoy the freedom of transacting with customers where they are.

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Revel's hardware and service leasing program
from Apple Financial Services

Revel is now offering a more flexible payment program for customers. The lease program will reduce upfront costs for customers purchasing POS solutions through an extended payment plan.

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