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Gestion de l’inventaire

Track and monitor your inventory in real-time so you know what to reorder and when. Revel updates inventory count for you, sends automatic stock alerts and generates purchase orders so you’re always stocked and working towards your dream business, sale by sale.

Automatic Stock Alerts

Set up low-stock alert thresholds and Revel will automatically alert you once your inventory has passed the designated level.

Purchase Order Generation

When it’s time to reorder items, easily create purchase orders from the management console. Document vendor information and link details to products. Once orders are received, inventory is auto-updated.

Calculated Waste Loss

Revel calculates waste loss variance and percentages automatically, helping your business diminish shrinkage or loss.

Real-time Reporting

Monitor high volume inventory levels from any device, and know how much of each item you have available at that exact moment.

Save Hours

Ditch the manual work and late hours. Easily enter inventory by scanning barcodes or uploading a spreadsheet. Inventory count is automatically updated as sales are made.