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Revel SmartPay

Give your guests the ultimate convenience in how they choose to pay with Revel SmartPay, a contactless, mobile payments solution.

Reduce Contact in Each Transaction

Consumer demand for contactless transactions surged in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even as businesses return to more normal operations post-pandemic, contactless solutions will continue to support safe and convenient on-site experiences.

Free Your Staff for Service-Oriented Tasks

Rather than occupying your staff with the minutiae of payment back-and-forth, leverage Revel SmartPay as a consumer-driven payment method that frees your team members for more service-oriented tasks. For restaurants with dine-in guests, you can turn tables even faster by eliminating the steps of running cards to and from the point of sale at checkout. Features like text-to-pay empower your guests to pay from their own devices with a digital prompt.

New Options for Digital Tipping

Revel SmartPay also includes mobile prompts for tips, including suggested tip amounts (if you choose). For suggested tips with this solution, you can set different percentages in your prompts to consumers.

Confirm Order Accuracy with an Order Status Page

Consumers utilizing Revel SmartPay will be able to review the details of their order on their mobile device before proceeding with payments, giving them an opportunity to confirm the accuracy of their bill before proceeding with payment.

Add Revel SmartPay Today

With Revel SmartPay you can enhance your operations by giving guests a convenient and personalized way to pay. Ensure they end their experience with you feeling safe and comfortable with contactless payment experience. This solution is a modern approach to help you improve your operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.