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QuickBooks Integration

Monitor business performance, track inventory, and access real-time reports powered by an industry leading partnership. Easily manage your business’ finances and accounting with Revel’s QuickBooks integration.

Seamlessly integrate your Intuit QuickBooks software with Revel

  • Automatically transfer POS data to QuickBooks daily for accounting ease.
  • Sync inventory adjustments to QuickBooks easily.
  • Manage employee payroll from QuickBooks based on data tracked in Revel.

Save Hours of Work with Automation

Reduce time spent on manual accounting, automatically sync your POS data to QuickBooks at the close of each day.

Employee Time

Reduce labor costs with employee clock-in and clock-out. Payroll data loads instantly to QuickBooks.

Vendors and Purchases

Sync Vendors’ account and purchase order information for easy bill payment and budgeting.

Revel’s enterprise platform is a great fit for our franchise system. At nearly 100 locations and growing, we have real-time access to analytical data that helps us make smarter decisions every day.
Pizza Patrón

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