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Online Ordering XT

Control the off-premise consumer experience and maximize your profits with an online ordering solution that offers end-to-end branding touchpoints and integrates directly to your point of sale.

Customize Your Off-Premise Experience

Take your online ordering offerings to the next level with Revel’s fully-integrated Online Ordering XT solution. You’ll maintain full control of the consumer experience and ensure your brand stays top of mind with every order.

Make Real-Time Updates from Anywhere

Through a central console, you can make menu updates or add products and push them live with the click of a button. This is another great way to manage customer expectations and provide the best experience possible. You can ensure menu items and products only display when they’re available, and showcase new offerings to generate customer interest.

Keep Your Consumer Data

Unlike many third-party aggregators, with Online Ordering XT, user account data for online ordering stays with your business. This allows you to use customer profile information for personalized messaging and promotional materials. CRM data can help you make reordering as simple as a single click, so customers can access their favorite items with ultimate ease and speed.

Enable Frictionless Transactions for Your Customers

The sleek and intuitive interface for Online Ordering XT makes ordering quick and frictionless for your customers. Whether they browse your full menu or skip to a go-to order option, your customers can easily navigate this solution no matter where, when, or how they place orders.

Enjoy the Benefits of Full Integration

Integration is a key benefit of Revel’s Online Ordering XT solution. You can link existing customer accounts in the CRM, connect with inventory to prevent accidental orders of items that are out of stock, and connect to Revel’s kitchen display system (KDS) to unlock regular order updates, removing customer ambiguity around order status.

Easily Configure the Solution You Desire

With Online Ordering XT—in addition to the benefits above—you can set up your solution to cover hours of operation, holiday closures, and custom hours and/or menu items available for online orders. With Revel’s branding tool, deftly incorporate visuals, brand colors, and custom fonts to offer an online experience that still feels like your business. Request a free demo today to see how Online Ordering XT can help you elevate your off-premise experience.

Third-party options resulted in forfeited profits,so we turned to Revel’s online ordering solution which let us do some unusual things. Early on, we wanted to offer a pantry to our guests with hard-to-find items like toilet paper. Luckily, we had a point of sale that could be modified in real-time, and we were able to make changes to our online store—across all locations—with ease.
Scott Moore, CEO, Maple Street Biscuits