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Ingredient-Level Inventory

Maintain a view of your inventory, down to the ingredient level, in real time. Draw from Revel’s robust reports to make business critical decisions.

the ingredient level inventory management feature on the Revel Systems iPad POS

Real-time Insight for Your Business

Track every product down to the the ingredient stock level in real-time. Set low-stock alerts and automatically create purchase orders to replenish items as stock dwindles. Keep your stock levels at ideal levels at all times. Maintain confidence that your kitchen will always be stocked with the items you need.

Reduce Food Waste

Identify items that go to waste through inventory waste reporting. Take insights and improve purchase order accuracy to reflect your actual usage.

Get Granular with Prep Inventory Reporting

Maintain detailed records of your ingredients with Prep Inventory. Manage recipes that contain many ingredients, and better track spoilage and made in-house ingredients.