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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Revel’s Point of Sale? See below for the Revel iPad POS FAQ. No matter what type of business you manage, you’ll discover that Revel offers the ideal Point of Sale solution to suit your every need.


Does Revel integrate with Intuit QuickBooks?
Yes. Revel offers the most sophisticated QuickBooks integration than any other POS on the market. Our integration allows users to automatically export their data into the QuickBooks platform, making it faster and easier to keep track of important business data.

Does Revel have any partner processors?
Revel has partnered with a number of payment processors. Whenever we find a company that we feel matches Revel’s commitment to top quality products and service, we want to partner with them! We are proud to team up with Intuit QuickBooks Payments for Point of Sale as a preferred payments processor and can set you up for seamless integration with competitive rates. Learn more about QuickBooks Payments, or take a look at the other payment processors Revel works with.

Will Revel work with my payment processor?
Yes. Revel works with 95% of payment processors through the USAePay gateway. We also work with a number of other gateways throughout the world, including FreedomPay.

Does Revel work with PayPal?
Yes. Revel has integrated with PayPal to provide business owners multiple options for their POS system. PayPal is the faster, safer way to pay and get paid online, via a mobile device and in store; and it’s available to use through your Revel iPad POS.

Does Revel offer online ordering?
Yes. Revel offers its own integrated online ordering platform which directly integrates with your Point of Sale system. We also work with a variety of third party online ordering, and e-commerce solutions including Shopify, Magento and X-Cart.

Does Revel encrypt customers’ credit card information?
Yes. Customer credit card information is never stored unencrypted in Revel. It’s encrypted on swipe and sent directly to the payment processor.

Is Revel PCI compliant?
Yes. Revel takes security very seriously. We are compliant with PCI/P2PE standards by working with PCI certified hardware and payment gateways.

How secure is the Revel network?
Revel prides itself on security. We use encrypted, managed Wi-Fi networks to transmit data securely to and from the cloud and your local network.

What is Wi-Fi management?
By using Revel’s pre-configured networking hardware, we offer our clients the security and peace of mind of having a 24/7 support team which is able to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot your networking issues.

What if my network goes down?
Revel’s 24/7 support team can troubleshoot any networking issues. Our Always On Mode allows you to continue to process orders and maintain use of the devices on your local network even if you lost internet connection or encounter a power outage.

What is Always On Mode?
Even when your Internet goes down, the Revel POS will still be able to communicate with all devices and POS stations on your local network. All functions can still be performed during Internet slow-down or a power outage, including processing transactions.

What is hybrid architecture?
Hybrid architecture refers to the ability of the Revel POS to store data in both the cloud – eliminating the need for a back-office server – while maintaining a local network or synced devices and POS stations.

Where is the Revel back-office server located?
The Revel back-office server is located in the cloud. The Revel POS doesn’t require a back-office server like most legacy POS systems, freeing up valuable space on-site.

Can Revel handle gift card and rewards programs?
Yes. Revel offers its own in-house gift card and rewards programs. We also integrate with third party platforms such as Synergy, LoyalTree and GiveX.

I’ve always used a legacy system. Why should I change to Revel?
The Revel Point of Sale eliminates the need for costly back-office servers and clunky, outdated hardware. Our lightweight iPad-based software solution allows our clients the flexibility of a modern hardware solution. We customize every POS to each businesses’ specific needs and wants, offering a suite of features to give a competitive edge.

Can I source my own hardware?
While it may be possible to work with your previously purchased hardware, we always recommend sourcing your hardware directly from Revel. All of our hardware comes preconfigured and ready to go right out of the box.

How do I manage my sales data remotely?
The Revel Dashboard allows you to access all of your data anytime, anywhere. View reports, manage employees, track inventory and adjust settings online.

What’s the Revel Dashboard?
The Revel Dashboard is our robust management console. By connecting to the Dashboard from anywhere with an Internet connection you’re provided access to all of your data, such as reporting, employee management, inventory control and a variety of other settings.

What kind of support does Revel offer?
Revel offers 24/7 phone and web support to assist with any and all questions about the system. Call us anytime, day or night, at 415.744.1433×2.

Will Revel support my table service restaurant?
Yes. Restaurant POS Systems provides a suite of features custom tailored specifically for restaurant. Features include bar tab management, split bills and customized table layouts.

Does Revel support delivery management?
Yes. Track delivery orders and drivers through Revel’s delivery management console. Display order information and generate directions for drivers to ensure deliveries are made on time.

How can I manage employees with the Revel Point of Sale solution?
As a business owner, you can make sure you know what your employees are doing through safeguards like photo clock-in and integration with surveillance companies such as DTT, Revel allows managers to keep tabs on their inventory and monitor employee actions.

Does Revel handle CRM?
Yes. Revel offers Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to help manage your customers’ preferences and view their purchasing history.

Does Revel support payroll?
Yes. Revel offers payroll, scheduling, labor cost analysis and employee profit reporting directly through the Revel Dashboard.

Does Revel manage inventory?
Yes. Revel’s advanced inventory management system makes it easy for users to track products and ingredients. In addition, users can create purchase orders and manage shipments from multiple vendors.