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Open API & Integrations

Design the POS API Solution Set You Want, with Revel

Revel’s Open API Gives You the Freedom to Adapt and Evolve Your Business Offerings


Open API and Your POS Platform

Flexibility & Growth

Open API is one of the huge benefits of Revel’s cloud-native point of sale and business management platform. At Revel, we understand your brand needs the agility to adapt to the demands of consumers and an ever-changing marketplace.

Tailor Made

Customization is key. Whether you’re designing a loyalty program that drives higher frequencies of repeat visits with your top customers or adjusting to mandated changes when the unexpected happens (like a global pandemic), Revel’s roster of integrated partners lets you quickly and easily add best-of-breed solutions to Revel Enterprise.

"Revel has been a great partner for Tarka. They are constantly working to improve their product and take our feature requests and feedback into account when rolling out updates. We also love their open API which allows third party integrations like our rewards program, online and mobile ordering solution, accounting system and third party delivery vendors."

— Tinku Saini, CEO & Co-Founder, Tarka Indian Kitchen

Open API Paves the Way for Innovation

Stay Ahead of the Trends With Leading Integrations

Innovation has long distinguished lasting, successful brands. For those not just focused on “what’s now,” but “what’s next,” our network of hundreds of integration partners allow you to expand, test, pave the way, and ultimately win in today’s competitive environment.

At Revel we also prioritize quality integrations for our clients. Our certified integration partners are carefully vetted so we can recommend the very best solutions for a multitude of your enterprise needs. From CRM and marketing, to workforce management, to analytics insights, our integration partners give your growing venture the depth and reach you need to lead the pack.

Of course, we also recognize the value in custom builds for your specific business needs. Through a dedicated developer portal and a host of client resources, our team loves to see the creative and sometimes game-changning custom solutions their own developers produce.

Future Proof Your Enterprise

The Key to Untapped Potential

Integrations unlock new potential for extensive management tools to amplify your business success. With the right integrations, you can house everything from workforce management and payroll to customer loyalty programs—all within a single, centralized dashboard.

Smarter Business Insights, All in One Place

Get the right insights where you need them in one place, and ensure all your business operations are set up to work seamlessly together. Connect with a Revel product expert today to inquire about specific integrations and the possibilities available through our open API.

Connect with a Revel Expert

Partner Solutions

Revel works with leading partners in the following categories:

  • Online and Mobile Ordering
  • Reporting
  • Accounting
  • Delivery Management
  • eCommerce
  • Marketing
  • Data Aggregators
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Inventory Management
  • Gift Cards
  • Employee Management
  • Payment Processors
  • CRM
  • Mobile Payment Processors
  • Analytics

Eight Principles for Open API

Get the right insights where you need them in one place, and ensure all your business operations are set up to work seamlessly together. Connect with a Revel product expert today to inquire about specific integrations and the possibilities available through our open API.

Key Principles for Open API

  • Standardized terms and service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • Extensibility, enhancements, flexibility and updates
  • Pricing and business model transparency
  • Testing/sandbox environments
  • Validation and certification
  • Re-use of best practice data
  • Self-service sign-up for API partners*
  • Public-facing documentation

*Not yet available at Revel, but on the roadmap for development.

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