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Enterprise Online and Mobile Ordering

Rapidly evolving consumer expectations drives contactless and online ordering boom. In May of 2020, U.S. eCommerce sales jumped by 92.7 percent, and consumers spent more than $53 billion via eCommerce in the U.S. in April and May.

Own the entire off-premise customer experience and maximize your profits with an online ordering solution that offers end-to-end branding touchpoints and integrates directly to your point of sale.


Online Ordering XT

Bring the point of sale to your customer

Revel’s native online and digital ordering shifts the point of sale beyond the terminal - and straight to your customers fingertips.

Own the full customer experience, your customer data, and maximize profits on each order. Eliminate third-party regulations and growing fees associated with their programs.

Online Ordering XT video

Maple Street Biscuits Maximize Profits With a Native Online Ordering Solution

"[Online ordering and delivery] have certainly been a key thing for us. We started out with third-party delivery as an early response to the pandemic, but it wasn’t profitable. We had to add delivery fees to the cost of menu items offered to customers."

— Scott Moore, CEO, Maple Street Biscuits

Maple Street sprung into action to serve dozens of communities during the pandemic by quickly shifting from a dine-in to off-premise focus. Understanding third-party delivery services were less profitable, the team turned to Revel’s native online ordering solution. Paired with creative marketing tactics, the switch resulted in record-setting online sales. Learn more.

Enterprise Online Ordering XT

Customize Menus for Online Orders

Customize Menus for Online Orders

  • Make real-time menu updates from anywhere through a central console
  • Ensure menu items and products only display when they are available
  • Feature new offerings to generate customer interest
  • Customize to fit your brand for a consistent customer experience
Keep your Customer Data

Keep your Customer Data

  • Unlike many third-party aggregators, with Online Ordering XT, user account data for online ordering stays with your business
  • Use customer profile information for personalized promotional or loyalty offers
  • Let your customers reorder their favorite items with a single click
Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

  • Integrate third-party loyalty and CRM systems
  • Connect orders with inventory to prevent accidental orders of items that are out of stock
  • Connect to Revel’s kitchen display system (KDS) to remove customer ambiguity around order status

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